Positive Affirmations to Have More Money

Would you like to use affirmations to help you have a better relationship with money? Do positive affirmations really work? YES! Absolutely, if used properly. Positive affirmations can help to eliminate negative self-talk and reinforce positive self-talk. If we are thinking negative thoughts, then obviously our life will reflect those thoughts. If we are thinking positive thoughts then our current and future reality will be a reflection of those thoughts. But, in my opinion, it is not just a matter of thinking positive thoughts alone that will make a change in our lives. You must also take inspired action.

Affirmations help to make you conscious of your thoughts. To affirm something means to declare something, regardless if it is positive or negative. By saying an affirmation, you are declaring what you want to experience in your reality.

The first step in using positive affirmations is to decide what you would like to change in your life, in this case your experience with money. Once you have decided on a change, then it is important to state your affirmation in the present, as if you are experiencing that state right now. Then ensure it is a powerful, positive statement in order to reverse past negative thoughts and influences. I will share some affirmations in the video below.

For an affirmation to really work, you must feel an emotional connection to the affirmation and be able to visualize yourself in that state and also see yourself experiencing that state from a 3rd person perspective. You are experiencing it and seeing yourself experiencing it. The best way to use an affirmation is to repeat it several times out loud while looking at yourself in a mirror. You can also write it out several times, or say it to yourself in your head. But first, raise your vibration and be centered in your heart and present in your body. It is through the heart and with the body that we manifest in this reality. Watch my video for more info and to receive a Stellar healing and clearing to assist you with using more money affirmations.