What people are saying about Alara

​I enjoy connecting with you, your spiritual team and everyone on the daily call.   I learnt so much over the 21 days and knew from day one on the HDHI that you are a very gifted soul always inspiring, uplifting and caring deeply from the heart.    It has been an amazing process to feel the releasing of deep core energetic density that has resulted in a raising of my energy vibration.  It has definitely opened me up more and feels so good and comforting to know I am part of your tribe and that we are all in it together, letting go and trusting your loving expertise.  

I am truly grateful and appreciate the time, attention and planning you do to steer everyone on the call at this time during ascension.

I look forward to your calls each day! Your voice brings a sense of calmness and a "All is right with the world" feeling that is wonderful.  I always feel so much better after participating in each session. I have slept  much better after joining your courses and as an insomniac, that in itself is priceless!

I feel that through your courses, I have strengthened my spiritual training and am more at ease with the world around me.  You are a "safe haven" for me each day .  

I feel like we are a community and that we support each other.  It gives me great comfort!

You do an outstanding job and brighten so many peoples lives!!


I am very grateful for Alara’s HDHI series, which have brought me back to my heart and soul and my real self and joy. It lifts me up when I feel down and lonely and lack of energy; the remote support of Alara brings me back to higher energies and brings me so much love and healing for my soul; so that I feel again connected to Higher Dimensions. There are no words left for my gratitude. I love you beloved Alara.


Higher Dimension Healing Intensive
- Greetings and Blessings to you Sweet Soul. During this 21 day journey I received what was required for me to move forward. Three family members made their transition from earth during this time. A 38 yr old and a 22 year old included. Seems sadder when the young go unexpected and suddenly. Due to this 21 day journey I was able to travel and attend events keeping the spirit of joy instead of sorrow. This allowed me to be a blessing to others, you know, I was a shoulder cried upon instead of a head looking for a shoulder to cry. Thank you for the love and blessings. Sweet Divine Blessings of Joy to you! xoxo

Billie Jean

Higher Dimension Healing Intensive
- I wanted to send you a message to let you know how much I am enjoying these calls. I loved the processes and the energies that you sent to us. I feel like I am in a different "zone" ( a happy, peaceful, hopeful place! ) after the calls! As soon as I hear your voice, I begin to smile. I feel such joy! You have such a pure, open, caring and beautiful heart, and it shines through with all that you do. Thank you so very much for this unbelievable opportunity with these calls. It is truly a life raft for me at this time. 


Higher Dimension Healing Intensive
- I wasn't able to do a call everyday so will go back to the sessions I missed. But the sessions I did participate in either live or replay (mostly live) were amazing and powerful! Yes so many things came up and many more lessons to learn and things to overcome but there has definitely been a shift! I have definitely opened up to being more aware! Being able to see the synchronicities more and more, seeing how much I am really grateful for and definitely feeling way more joy! 🙂 Thank you Alara. This has been wonderful process, so helpful and so powerful! Such a blessing.Much love, light and blessings to you


Higher Dimension Healing Intensive - Just want to take a few moments to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying the HDHI. So many changes! Most have been positive, but even the negatives have been made much easier to navigate with the loving energy you've been sending. For example, I received some difficult news yesterday. I am typically a very nervous and fearful type, but when I got the news I just knew, and know still, that this is for my highest good and that I will always be divinely cared and provided for. I feel only peace and curiosity (imagine that?!) looking forward to this transition. Sending much Love and Gratitude for the 21 day HDHI. It seemed to go so fast! Loved it so much I am going to go through it again with the downloads! I sincerely appreciate all the love and care you put into each day. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and knowledge with all of us.


Lightwave Session - I am feeling so much more calm and balanced and generally less reactive emotionally since the beautiful and powerful lightwave session with you. I love everything you shared as you were activating and clearing my chakras. If you know anything about the personality of a scorpio emotional balance can be extremely challenging. I have been longing for this feeling of grounded emotional balance all of my life! Everything is easier now and I look forward to continue growing more into spiritual peace and mental focus. Thank you and your spiritual team and the Pleidians for this deeply meaningful gift!


Angel Reading – I want to thank you again and Spirit and Angels for a great reading there were so many areas that were covered that were so spot on in regards to situations that I have been struggling with. I am so grateful Alara for having received this reading, not only for the wonderful guidance and insight and encouragement but also for the healing as I feel closer to the Angels and feel more aware of support that is there in moving forward and for having experienced your beautiful presence…..:)


Lightwave Session – I wasn’t sure what to expect from my session with Shefali recently. Some of the content was new to me. But WOW!, after a few minutes i knew i was going to enjoy every second. Alara’s loving energy and divine team led me through Chakra activations that were simply magical. Alara really packs quite a bit into the 30 minute time slot. The shift during our session was a blessing. I am forever grateful and will be playing my replay everyday, and booking another session with you soon. Thank you and god bless you Alara for all you are,and who you will become.

Rob. B

Angel Reading – I had a reading with Alara and I must say that although I had not known exactly what I wanted to focus in on during the session she was that calm, soothing and very insightful guide to finding exactly what I needed to know, and hear that day. I was feeling rather stuck and frustrated with myself and not only was it the very clear and precise messages that Alara gave me, that caused an inner shift for me, I realized that it was also her incredible innate energy of healing itself that was working on my system. I felt three or four times the words she delivered arrived in a place of “really hearing them for the first time”. I felt a weight lift and my focus shift from “trying” to “allowing” which was a huge factor in my feelings of being stuck. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart her wisdom and energies as it allowed me to continue on that road of shifting things when I did a three day workshop for Animal Communication shortly after our reading. Thank you Alara. I would suggest anyone who is able to give themselves a gift to connect with Shefali in a session.


Lightwave Session - Thank you so much, this session really helped me, and your coaching too. I'm happy that you provide this as one of your services and if I need further help with the shamanic work, I will gladly set that up with you. Time for a sovereign being to stay sovereign and clean up whatever is in the way from me being my authentic " me" !I really appreciate that you are recording the sessions now, it will be a great gift to me to be able to listen and absorb again. Thanks for this mp3!


Gratitude MP3 Wow!!! The recording is truly amazing, powerful and so, so beautiful. The essence of you and your caring generosity and loving, supportive and encouraging soul really comes through in this meditation. I absolutely love it!! I feel so vibrant now, and my feet literally have been tingling with the deep connection to Gaia. I have never heard a meditation that includes meditation, clearings, transmissions, and activations all in one!! I so appreciate your personal comments and support to all of us, too. Your name was definitely at the top of my list, when I recounted everyone that I was grateful for during that part of the meditation. Thank you for your guiding and loving energy, Shefali. Thank you so very much for such a special gift. Lots of Love and Light,


Frequency Infusion to Expand and Align mp3 – Thank you, Alara. That was wonderful.I got a fleeting headache when some of the infusions were sent, but it quickly went away and I took it as a sign that I was really ‘getting’ the energy.I really felt the grounding more so even than when I am on my grounding mat.I could feel energy from my feet all the way up beyond my knees.The expansion also felt wonderful. Normally I can’t hold the expansive feeling, but it stayed with me throughout this time. Very nice.Thank you again. Loved it!


Frequency Infusion to Expand and Align mp3 – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have to share that I receive these types of emails all the time, and I have never been Guided once to listen… Well I was Guided to listen to yours, and WOW so very Powerful!!! I felt and saw my Releases and Everything I was Receiving… There truly are not enough words to share how I feel… So let me just say My Heart, my Soul, my Whole Being is so filled up with Love & Gratitude. Thank you for sharing your Wonderful Gift as to be the conduit to allow others to Receive these Wonderful Blessings. Thank you for Listening and doing the work you were always meant to do…Many Blessings & Much Love


Frequency Infusion to Expand and Align mp3 – THANK YOU-AWESOME-I am typing thru my tears–how wonderful to know that at any time this BLESSING is available. Thank you also for your AMAZING “Awaken to Happiness Now” Summit. You are so real and authentic in every call and each one is special in knowledge and transformation–THANK YOU for sharing your life. You are WONDERFUL!! And I so appreciate all you are and do.


I am so floaty now. It felt like a warm sun on my shoulders and back .My throat area was like rays of blue radiating outward in all the different shades of blue you mentioned. I didn’t know it was fear related or throat chakra connected. You made me understand so much better. Awesome! I even wear a lapis lazuli as a pendant. Perfect. Thank you for the increased peacefulness and power connection. I loved the connections to the Arch Angels and Ganesha especially! I do so see that I have been getting connection through songs, and others talking and messages coming through others to me all along. Thank you for opening my eyes to this knowing. Blessings to you!


I had a lovely conversation with you on your “Coming Out” show last night. First of all, thank you for taking my call! It was such wonderful energy work that you shared with me…helping me rid myself of any residual sadness, hurt etc. from my last relationship, so that I can move forward and let new love into my life…it was truly nourishing. I had no idea of all these talents that you had…I am in awe of you. You are inspiring! You are so real.