Full Moon Release

Stellar Healing and full moon releasing process of old stories, hurts, resentments, and more to truly manifest your desires with more ease, grace, and joy.

If you are holding on to old hurts, wounds, resentment, bitterness, and any other negative emotions and feelings, then you are not really able to live your most stellar life.

All of these old energies, beliefs, and stories can be limiting you from manifesting what you truly desire.

If you would like to move on and move forward with your life, then you must release this old baggage that is literally weighing you down. It is almost like having weights on your feet.

Once you begin to let go and release these heavy, dense energies, you will feel lighter and freer. You will be free to dream, visualize, and manifest what you desire.

It is time for you to be, do, and have what lights you up!

Be sure to watch this video every day this week to take advantage of the full moon to assist you in releasing these old energies.