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Positive Affirmations to Have More Money

Would you like to use affirmations to help you have a better relationship with money? Do positive affirmations really work? YES! Absolutely, if used properly. Positive affirmations can help to eliminate negative self-talk and reinforce positive self-talk. If we are thinking negative thoughts, then obviously our life will reflect those thoughts. If we are thinking positive thoughts then our current and future reality will be a reflection of those thoughts. But, in my opinion, it is not just a matter of thinking positive thoughts alone that will make a change in our lives. You must also take inspired action.

Affirmations help to make you conscious of your thoughts. To affirm something means to declare something, regardless if it is positive or negative. By saying an affirmation, you are declaring what you want to experience in your reality.

The first step in using positive affirmations is to decide what you would like to change in your life, in this case your experience with money. Once you have decided on a change, then it is important to state your affirmation in the present, as if you are experiencing that state right now. Then ensure it is a powerful, positive statement in order to reverse past negative thoughts and influences. I will share some affirmations in the video below.

For an affirmation to really work, you must feel an emotional connection to the affirmation and be able to visualize yourself in that state and also see yourself experiencing that state from a 3rd person perspective. You are experiencing it and seeing yourself experiencing it. The best way to use an affirmation is to repeat it several times out loud while looking at yourself in a mirror. You can also write it out several times, or say it to yourself in your head. But first, raise your vibration and be centered in your heart and present in your body. It is through the heart and with the body that we manifest in this reality. Watch my video for more info and to receive a Stellar healing and clearing to assist you with using more money affirmations.

Full Moon Release

Stellar Healing and full moon releasing process of old stories, hurts, resentments, and more to truly manifest your desires with more ease, grace, and joy.

If you are holding on to old hurts, wounds, resentment, bitterness, and any other negative emotions and feelings, then you are not really able to live your most stellar life.

All of these old energies, beliefs, and stories can be limiting you from manifesting what you truly desire.

If you would like to move on and move forward with your life, then you must release this old baggage that is literally weighing you down. It is almost like having weights on your feet.

Once you begin to let go and release these heavy, dense energies, you will feel lighter and freer. You will be free to dream, visualize, and manifest what you desire.

It is time for you to be, do, and have what lights you up!

Be sure to watch this video every day this week to take advantage of the full moon to assist you in releasing these old energies.

Raise Your Vibration…FAST

Stellar Healing to raise your vibration fast and release any resistance to being the stellar YOU with ease, grace, and joy.

If you are having a bad moment, bad day, bad week what do you do to change your energy, your mind, your emotions? 

We talk a lot about raising your vibration here and it is something that you need to be aware of on a regular basis, daily basis, not just sometimes or once in a while.

Really it is about energy maintenance. But in order to maintain your energy, you have to be aware of it first.

Mindfulness is all about awareness, being aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy field. 

And for mindfulness to work, you have to be present in the here and now and in your body.

So how do you become present and in your body? Take a breath and focus on your hands or your feet. That is it, simple, and it takes one second. 

Also, you can smile, a really simple exercise. 

Also, just bring to your awareness a cute little animal like a puppy or kitten, that alone will raise your vibration in an instant.

Drink some water, walk outside in the fresh air, get some sun, stand on the earth.

Watch something funny on youtube, laugh!

It doesn't have to be complicated. It really is this simple and this easy. But you have to remember to do it.

Manifest Your Dream Life

Stellar Healing and New Moon process to embody and manifest your dream life and release any resistance to creating your dream life with ease, grace, and joy.

The end of this year can be totally different than the beginning of this year, in a good way. Change is good, change that leads to your desired outcome is even better! What are you desiring for your life? Would you like the same as before, or would you like something different?

Often times, the difference between having what we want and not having it, comes down to intentions, goals, and targets. Setting them, reviewing them, and taking actions that are aligned with them.  And, often times, it is more than even that! There is a practical and pragmatic part to manifesting what we desire, and then there is the energetic part as well. Are you doing both? Do you even know what the energetic tools and processes are that you can use to actualize your dreams?

Do you have dreams and wishes that you would like to manifest for yourself by the end of this year? What does YOUR dream life look like? How does it feel? An amazing dream life doesn’t just happen by chance. If you would like to manifest YOUR dream life this year, you can make it happen! You need to have a clear vision of it, dream about it, map it out, plan it and create it. Dream big, dream small, just dream and create your new reality!

So, why is it important to create, write down, and review your goals, resolutions, and intentions? Most people do not even think about an intention, and only 1-5% write them down and review them. These are the ones that actually achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. A goal, intention, and resolution without a plan is just a wish. 

Have all of your wishes come true for you in the past? It is important to spend time dreaming of your vision for your ideal life, let go of what didn’t work in the past, have support to help you manifest your intentions, goals and resolutions, and review them regularly so that you can take action and bring them to fruition into the world with ease and grace.

As you begin and/or continue on consciously manifesting your desires, what will happen is that more of your dreams and goals are achieved, you will have increased self-confidence, purpose, direction and motivation, your bucket list is being ticked off, and you will have more peace, ease, joy, and grace.

So, start thinking of what you would like to create by the end of this year, write down your goals, resolutions, and intentions and get ready to manifest them with ease and grace.

You can make your dreams a reality, you can live your dream life, you can prosper!

Paralyzed by Fear

Stellar Healing for fear of judgement, rejection, and more that is keeping you from fully living your life purpose with ease, grace, and joy.

Would you like to have more money, a positive mindset, and manifest your dream life? Are you paralyzed by fear of judgement, rejection, falling flat on your face, or making a fool of yourself? Please join me in receiving Stellar healing energies to support you to have more ease with showing up in your life as you and fully living your life in alignment with your soul's purpose and plan.

Flow of Abundance

Stellar Healing to have more ease and flow with abundance. 

Would you like to have more flow of abundance, prosperity, and money in your life? Are you experiencing anger, bitterness, or resentment towards anyone or anything in your life? Please join me in receiving Stellar healing and clearing energies to support you to have more ease and flow of abundance and prosperity in your life as we also clear the anger, bitterness, resentment, and un-forgiveness that you may be experiencing.

Change is in the Air

Stellar Healing & Clearing Call to prepare YOU for the upcoming changes. 

The energy is funky right now! Change is in the air. Can you feel the winds of change that are blowing through and to you? You may be sensing it already. Are you ready for it? Are you willing to embrace the energies of change knowing that you what is coming is for your highest good? Please join me in receiving Stellar healing and clearing energies to support you through these times to have more ease and allowance for the changes that are upon you.

Embody the Frequencies of YOU

Stellar Healing to embody the frequencies of YOU.

What qualities, virtues, and frequencies do you require to be who you would like to be? Begin to embody them now so that you automatically start to vibrate at those frequencies and attract what you desire to be.

Re-Commit to YOU

Stellar Healing to re-commit to you and your life.

It is time to re-commit to you, your life, your path, your purpose, your passion, and your soul plan. Take advantage of the energies of this time to move you forward with ease, joy, and fun. Receive Stellar healing energies to clear what may have been keeping you stuck.