Energy Pulls - Money

30 Days!

What if having money, receiving money, actualizing money, and being money was Fun?

What if pulling energy, money energy, for 30 days could change your financial reality?

This is about empowering you to know that you know; about you knowing what’s true and what works for you. What if you are more aware than you’ve acknowledged?

Money pulls include pulling energy, clearings, questions, and more.

What if pulling energy into your reality was easy?

Live Money Pulls will take place daily at
  1. Private Facebook Group for support and more
  2. Join the pulls live on Zoom
  3. Download daily video & audio recordings
  4. Daily emails for those not on FB with links to download files
  5. Bonus - 50% discount of a personal healing session with Alara - reg price $150
  6. Special Bonus - For those who purchase by the end of the day May 13th, you will receive a live personal 1 to 1 30min session, valid only until end of June