21-Day Higher Dimension Healing Intensive - April - Abundance & Prosperity

Are you ready to live a prosperous & abundant, radiant life that is in alignment with your soul and your desires?

What is it that you would really like to experience or feel more of right now?

The best time to manifest your abundant & prosperous life is now!

The past few months have been intense, and the intensity will continue throughout this year. This is the time, the time is NOW, to let go of what is not serving you and get ready to manifest what you truly desire.  If you would like to manifest YOUR radiant, prosperous life this year, you can make it happen! It starts internally first then it manifests externally into your world and reality.  It takes 21 days to create a new habit or let go of an old habit. Let's start!
Join me for 21 days as I facilitate higher dimension abundance & prosperity healing to help you to let go of what is no longer serving you and bring in energies that will empower you to live a more radiant and prosperous life that you desire to have and experience.   It's time to get what you really want, with ease and grace, this 21-Day Higher Dimension Healing Intensive can help you do just that!
During this truly unique experience I will reveal how higher dimension abundance & prosperity healing can support you in manifesting what you truly desire in your life.
This program will guide you to do that and much more. See what is included in this program:
21 30+min online live group healing calls
21 recordings of the online live group healing calls
21 days of remote energetic energetic healing transmissions to support you during the program. The remote energetic support begins for you as soon as you register, not just when the 21 days begin, so you actually receive more than 21 days of energetic support
Bonus - Surprise Meditation mp3 - coming soon

Package Price: only  $44

Final Sale - No Refunds 

If you worked with me one-on-one for 21 days, this would be an investment of over $1575

Live online healing calls will begin on Tuesday April 25th, calls will be held live at 12pmET, replays will be available if you cannot attend live, and you will be able to download the recordings as well.

You are a radiant being of light and love.

You are perfect as you are, you are loved as you are, you are of value as you are. Honour you and do whatever it takes to live the prosperous life that you desire.
You will be surprised how quickly and with grace and ease you will begin to manifest your prosperous life. The energies of this year, the year of new beginnings, will help to propel you forward to release those old, stagnant energies that no longer serve you and allow you to align with the energies that will help you to create more of what you desire.
To really experience the fullness of your being, the totality of who you really are and create your reality, you have to let go all those things that are holding you back from experiencing your authentic and true self, your radiant self.

It is time to release what is no longer serving you.

Some of the results you should get from participating in this program include experiencing more ease, joy, grace, love and peace, increased self-confidence and self-worth, more clarity of purpose, better sense of direction and more motivation to create your life as you like, more abundance and prosperity, and much more.
I look forward to sharing this healing journey with you and more importantly I look forward to hearing your new, upgraded stories of abundance and prosperity from participating in this 21-Day Higher Dimension Healing Intensive! You can manifest your prosperous life, your abundant life, you can live your dream life, you can prosper! 

Some comments from past participants:

Sending much Love and Gratitude for the 21 day HDHI. It seemed to go so fast! Loved it so much I am going to go through it again with the downloads! I sincerely appreciate all the love and care you put into each day.

I have definitely opened up to being more aware! Being able to see the synchronicities more and more, seeing how much I am really grateful for and definitely feeling way more joy! 🙂 Thank you Alara. This has been wonderful process, so helpful and so powerful! Such a blessing.

The series was an incredible gift!

I wasn't able to do a call everyday so will go back to the sessions I missed. But the sessions I did participate in either live or replay (mostly live) were amazing and powerful! Yes so many things came up and many more lessons to learn and things to overcome but there has definitely been a shift!

I am feeling so amazing! I have hope again AND TRUST! Trust in my intuition, trust in the process, trust in the Universe. Feels so wonderful!

I wanted to send you a message to let you know how much I am enjoying these calls. I loved the processes and the energies that you sent to us. I feel like I am in a different "zone" ( a happy, peaceful, hopeful place! ) after the calls!


Recordings are so Beautiful! Gets better and better everyday! Thank you so much!


Thank you so so much for today's healing session!!! It was so profound and powerful and yet so gentle!!! It was exactly what I needed!! I love your voice! It's soothing and relaxing!!! I'm so grateful for you!!! Ty again!!


I am enjoying every day so far and I particularly appreciated yesterday's call when you shared some of your daily rituals, etc with us. I always like to learn what others are doing that may inspire me more. Thanks again for sharing your warm heart and beautiful soul with us.