Frequency Infusion to Align & Expand

My mission is to inspire and self-empower you to live authentically with ease, joy, and love through connection with Spirit. I am happy and honoured to share this frequency activation and infusion with you today for your expansion and alignment.
This powerful transmission will help you align with who you truly are and if you are ready to expand into more of who you are becoming.This is a powerful activation, transmission, and infusion of frequencies and energies to uplift, inspire, and support you while aligning you to the truth of you and expanding you into more of who you truly are. Please do not listen to this while driving a car.
You may listen to this mp3 as often as you wish in order to release more and integrate more energies and frequencies, listen to your guidance and knowing.
It is a blessing for me to be of service for you in this way, I am deeply grateful, Thank you.
Until next time, may you be blessed with love, joy, peace, happiness, and abundance.

"Thank you,.That was wonderful.I got a fleeting headache when some of the infusions were sent, but it quickly went away and I took it as a sign that I was really ‘getting’ the energy.I really felt the grounding more so even than when I am on my grounding mat.I could feel energy from my feet all the way up beyond my knees.The expansion also felt wonderful.Normally I can’t hold the expansive feeling, but it stayed with me throughout this time.Very nice.Thank you again.Loved it!" ~ Paula

"Thank YOU, its reallllllllllllly awesome meditation/activation, truly enjoyed it, will listen again and again :)" ~ Rissa

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I have to share that I receive these types of emails all the time, and I have never been Guided once to listen… Well I was Guided to listen to yours, and WOW so very Powerful!!! I felt and saw my Releases and Everything I was Receiving… There truly are not enough words to share how I feel… So let me just say My Heart, my Soul, my Whole Being is so filled up with Love & Gratitude. Thank you for sharing your Wonderful Gift as to be the conduit to allow others to Receive these Wonderful Blessings. Thank you for Listening and doing the work you were always meant to do…Many Blessings & Much Love," ~ Joan

"THANK YOU-AWESOME-I am typing thru my tears–how wonderful to know that at any time this BLESSING is available. Thank you also for your AMAZING “Awaken to Happiness Now” Summit. You are so real and authentic in every call and each one is special in knowledge and transformation–THANK YOU for sharing your life. You are WONDERFUL!! And I so appreciate all you are and do. "~ Florice