You are your own healer!

As I have recently brought back my healing services, it has come to my attention and awareness that I am my own healer, and you are your own healer. Yes, I certainly hold space, bring in energies and frequencies, and run certain clearings and activations to support you in your healing. But who is doing the actual healing? Is it me? Is it Creator/Source/Spirit/God? Is it you? In my honest opinion, it is you. You are doing the heavy lifting. You are the one agreeing to heal yourself of past limitations, beliefs, scars, and wounds. You are the one who is being present in your life. You are the one who is choosing to forgive, choosing to receive, choosing to be grateful, and choosing to let go.

I am a channel, a conduit for energies and frequencies. I also am talented and gifted in various healing modalities. I am also compassionate and have a great deal of integrity. I see you for who you are truly in your heart. I am completely non-judgemental. I have walked the path, I am on my own healing journey. I can walk with you in your healing journey.

Are you ready to be your own healer? Are you ready to heal your past so that you can move courageously into your future. Are you willing to be vulnerable and open with yourself? Are you willing to see who you truly are? Are you willing to love yourself? Yes, this is all about you! Healing is all about you, nobody and nothing else.

How may I serve you today? How can I be a contribution to you and your healing? How can I support you to be your own healer? See all of my healing specials on offer right now, for a limited time: .