Theresa Vee 

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August 2021

Package - Value $175 - Special Offer - $88

ITEM 1 - Miracles Every Day Meditation Package
ITEM 2 - Meet & Heal With the Angels 3 part Course
ITEM 3 - Angel Transformation Hour - LIVE session


ITEM 1 - Miracles Every Day meditation package

Miracles Every Day
These meditations will move you into the frequency where miracles and flow are your daily experience and help you to stay there longer as you strengthen and renew your system, become more in alignment with Truth, grow more deeply into Trust, and increase your capacity to be held and receive all that is your Divine Birthright.
You can use these tools as often as you feel called.
• Meditation for Becoming (18:52 min.)
• Meditation Journey with Divine Mother (26:51 min.)
• Clearing Our Earth-Based Chakras to Crystalline (27:09 min)

ITEM 2 - Meet & Heal with the Angels - Prerecorded

Meet & Heal with the Angels
3-part series—pre-recorded video and audio
Theresa gets asked these questions all the time:
  • How can I hear my angels?
  • What’s the best way to work with the angels?
  • How do I call on the angels?
  • Is there a certain angel I should call on for any certain thing?
  • I keep asking, but I am not sure anyone is there. How can I tell?
  • How are my angels trying to communicate with me?
This experiential workshop series will help you to find the answers to all of these questions and more!
You’ll be held in an energy field filled with Love, Joy, and protection, as Theresa guides you through meeting many Archangels, one at a time, and learning how you experience their energies on an intimately personal level, so that you can recognize when they're around!
You'll establish and deepen your relationships with them (and yourself), as you rest in the understanding that you are never alone, are always heard, and that your needs are truly anticipated and accounted for.  
PLUS, each individual Archangel will bring you a unique opportunity to heal—deeply and thoroughly.
In this workshop, you will:
  • Get to know and personally experience many of the Archangels and develop your energetic vocabulary with each so you can recognize when they are around
  • Learn to connect instantly and with ease
  • Grow to better understand how each Archangel’s unique gifts and talents can best assist you in your everyday life
  • Deepen your relationships with the Archangels you already know and Love so you can establish more consistent communication
  • Receive unique and targeted healing energies so that you can heal completely and irreversibly at a very deep level
These sessions are over-lighted by Archangels Michael and Ariel. Whether you are an angel novice, or a seasoned pro looking to dive even deeper, this is the perfect workshop for you! You will grow in the knowledge and trust that you are truly loved beyond measure and that you are supported in every. single. moment so that you can move forward with increased ease.
*Be prepared for powerful experiences full of Love and Joy.

ITEM 3 - Angel Transformation Hour - LIVE session

LIVE session - August 17th, 2021 at 10am PT / 1pm ET
Join Theresa as she channels messages from the Angels who discuss what is going on in the World and with you, personally. She creates a container of safety, Love, and Support where you can "just be" and enjoy sharing community and experience with other like-hearted people. The Angels share their wisdom and answer YOUR questions about anything that will ease your mind and heart—nothing is too big, too small, or off limits.
Your Angels want to assist you to be in a state of Peace, so that you can create a ripple effect in the world. And this has never been more important than it is RIGHT NOW.
There will be a powerful transmission of energy as the Angels assist us in stepping into a new vibration. All throughout the call, you will recognize the ways in which your Angels have been communicating with you and open to the deepening of this relationship.
We are called to anchor our LIGHT in bigger ways—but with more ease and grace than ever before. The Angels are here to completely support us in that endeavor.
Coming together with our Angels and with others holding similar intentions helps to move energy at a much quicker pace. This is a great time to practice the balance of giving and receiving in a completely benevolent environment.
*This call will be recorded (and sent out shortly after) in case something comes up preventing you from attending live!

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What flows through you is too beautiful, Angelic teacher that you are. Bless your heart. I am closer to the Angels than ever since having my session with you. Bless all those participating in your work. Theresa is a pure soul. —Caroline M.
Theresa has the energetic capacity of a love surgeon -removing all the debris that are no longer true for you and your highest service. After working with her, I was able to fully release huge stories of the past that were running my system but I could not unwind myself. It was a total body upgrade to allow me to serve at the highest level of living light. - Joanna Green
Theresa has a profound ability to hold others in the field of unconditional love. In that field, the shifts we desire are so much more easily within reach, because the resistance has melted away.
This is Theresa’s greatest gift: loving us towards our greatest, most alive, and most aligned lives.- Nisha Moodley
Theresa is a natural intuitive healer, She connects with the Angels with ease, grace, and devotion. Her desire to serve clearly comes from a place of love. I felt so held and taken care of throughout our conversation.  My reading left me filled with immense faith and gratitude. It also inspired me to take action. It was nothing short of magical and miraculous. —Paula Orozco, Women's Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Theresa Vee

Theresa Vee is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, mentor, priestess, master of the healing arts, and Angelic channel.

She works with people who feel that they should have attended Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters before being sent out into the world, helping them to find the strength in their sensitivities and guiding them in the use of these superpowers.

Theresa is a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for Peace who is widely regarded as a presence of unconditional Love. In her uniquely effective way, she has been helping people expedite their healing and ascension for over 15 years—calling us into our authenticity and full integrity. She empowers Sensitives to stand in the Power of Who We Really Are so that we can feel more alive, on-Purpose, and fulfilled.

Package - Value $175 - Special Offer - $88

ITEM 1 - Miracles Every Day Meditation Package
ITEM 2 - Meet & Heal With the Angels 3 part Course
ITEM 3 - Angel Transformation Hour - LIVE session