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In a 12 part series brought forth by Channel and Master Teacher, Sacred Activation & Deactivation Specialist Tamara Oviatt:
  • Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared.
  • Ineffective beliefs will be removed and re-integrated under the influence of the Light and Love of God.
  • Healing from the beginning of your Earth time will occur.
  • DNA harmonious to the True New Matrix will switch on and,
  • You will be moved into a New Reality.
  • Will unfold as guided by many Masters. Each week you will personally be touched by every activation and deactivation.
  • Will move you into higher and higher states of consciousness as you will experience in the days between sessions.
  • Will connect you to the Power of God, the Power of Love and the Power of You.

Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love


Total Value $300 - Special Offer $150


Introducing a Ground-Breaking Series Channeled by the Masters…Fueled by God
Humanity has been living under false pretenses and false belief systems for eons of time. They have lived with influential mind programs appearing real and emotions, reactions and choices dominated by those programs. Each has created one false reality after another.
Is it any wonder the pain, struggle, lack of joy, disconnection, ill-health, lack of love and dissatisfaction that every one of us has experienced has dominated the human experience? How does it stop?
In a 12 part series by brought forth by Channel and Master Teacher, Sacred Activation & Deactivation Specialist Tamara Oviatt
  • Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared.
  • Ineffective beliefs will be removed and re-integrated under the influence of the Light and Love of God.
  • Healing from the beginning of your Earth time will occur.
  • DNA harmonious to the True New Matrix will switch on and,
  • You will be moved into a New Reality.
  • Will unfold as guided by many Masters. Each week you will personally be touched by every activation and deactivation.
  • Will move you into higher and higher states of consciousness as you will experience in the days between sessions.
  • Will connect you to the Power of God, the Power of Love and the Power of You.

Week 1 : Clearing Your First Incarnation

Week 1 – Clearing Your First Incarnation:  The first week will be about clearing and healing your first incarnation and all the trauma you’ve picked up throughout these lifetimes.  ​
Video 1 – Introduction - Over the next 12 weeks, we will be connecting you to All That Is. We will let go of disease consciousness, lack and limitations, dying, aging, relationship toxicity, addiction, and anything else that you are plugged into that holds you apart from the oneness of All That Is.
You will learn:
  • What types of programmed belief systems there are in general so you may be aware of your clearing process.
  • How Sacred Activations helps you to unplug from your limiting programmed belief systems.
  • How to plug into Source Energy and unconditional love.
  • Clear past life traumas and pain through every incarnation.
  • Connect to your inner being, higher self, or oversoul.
  • Release feelings of separateness.
  • Connect to All That Is.
  • Expand yourself, thus expanding the world.
Join us on this incredible journey of healing, self-discovery, and awakening! You are an incredible eternal being and you deserve to live the life you dream of. Let’s plug into abundance and unconditional love energy.
Video 2 – About Healing Your First Incarnation
When we come to this planet, we decide what we want to learn, and we’re ready and excited, but we’ve never been here before… and all of a sudden we jump in and we’re programmed for all of these belief systems that don’t serve us.
We come from Source Energy and unconditional love and suddenly feel isolated from it when we enter our vessels and begin to live a life on this planet. The sense of separateness is another construct or program that we believe more easily because we are further removed from Source Energy depending on our vibration and emotional state.
We feel like we lose our power. We feel alone and abandoned, like God has forsaken us. If that sounds familiar to you, we’re going to clear it.
Video 3 – Clearing Your Past Incarnations
So you’re here, you’ve plugged into all of these programs, and you’ve forgotten yourself. So you’re finding your way, and you’re deciding things to believe or not believe, and you’re doing good, but there’s something missing.
You might feel like you don’t belong here. Like you’re a stranger. Like you don’t fit in. Who are these people? What is this place?
When you judge others, you are also judging yourself. They are another one of you: doing the best they know how with what they have.
We can let go of the drama, trauma, fear, and judgment. When we bring a belief system forward, we keep building on it until we deal with it and release it. Life keeps showing us through manifestations what those belief systems are, giving us opportunities to choose differently from what we have been programmed to choose.
Life becomes easier, more effortless, and more joyful once these beliefs are released. Be kind and loving to yourself, and if you need to cry, go cry. Don’t react to or judge your emotions; they are merely being purged from your system so that you can move forward with love and light.
Releasing Belief Systems from Every Incarnation
Release the sense of separateness and remember your connectedness to Source and All That Is. Let go of feeling abandoned, unloved, unwanted, and not being enough. Allow this Activation to clear all of those old beliefs.
Plugging into Unconditional Love
Feel the incredible healing love energy of Source. Know and understand how important, loving, and amazing you truly are. Understand the impact of your experience here on Gaia and how incredibly important you are, what an amazing gift this life is. This world is so beautiful and has so many things to teach you, to teach the universe. Get connected and honor the light within you, the light that you truly are.
Q & A

Week 2 : Clearing Age 0 to 7

Week 2 – Clearing Age 0 to 7:  We are in theta brain waves from being born to age 7 and we create a lot of our belief systems at that age, so we will be clearing all that out.  
Video 1 – Introduction
We make so many decisions about our lives and what they’re going to be like when we’re children. We create belief systems at these ages that affect us throughout our entire lives.
Is the world a cruel place or a fun place? We choose this when we’re children. We make decisions about how we will look, how successful we will be, how much money we will have, and many, many other decisions.
And we don’t even consciously know that we made those decisions. They just run in the background and dictate how we behave and react.
Are you ready to let go of those limiting beliefs? Today’s training is part of the Out of the Mind Matrix with Love program, and I’m so excited and honored to help you on your journey.
You will learn:
  • What you were programmed with throughout your life.
  • How to recognize your programming.
  • Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions create our lives. Consciousness creates matter.
  • We create more of what we feel, so our emotions are so important.
  • Happiness, joy, and oneness woven into your DNA.

Video 2 – Activations to Clear Out Programmed Beliefs from Ages 0 to 7
Identify and release any and all negative or damaging belief systems from your subconscious mind. From the ages of 0 to 7, we live in theta brainwave state, making us highly suggestible and inundating us with information about life that we then adopt as belief systems within our subconscious minds. This happens automatically, whether we are aware of it or not.
These Activations will clear out your programmed belief systems. What belief systems did you adopt from ages 0 to 7? What stands out for you, good and bad? What decisions did you make about your health, appearance, and life in general? “I want to be like this,” or, “I don’t want to be like that.” What did you experience and how did it affect you? Uncover and release any old belief systems that don’t serve you, layer by layer. Discover your programming and liberate yourself from it on all levels, effortlessly.
Christ Consciousness Awareness Activation
Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life.  Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.
Flower of Life Activation
This heart-healing activation reconnects the two hear chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life.
DNA Weave of Happiness, Joy, and Oneness Activation
A DNA-level integration of joy, happiness, and oneness woven into your being on a quantum level. Your cells throughout your entire body will be joyful, rejuvenated, and happy. This will enhance your daily experience, allow you to be more present in the moment, and feel unconditional love, joy, and oneness no matter what activity you are participating in. As this Activation integrates into your DNA structure, you will feel peaceful, joyful, and connected every moment of every day.
Video 3 – Q & A and Sharing Experiences
Lots of gratitude! Talking about integration, emotional purging and release, and letting things go permanently. Changing your reactions, expanding consciousness, and listening to Sacred Activations while sleeping rather than awake; either way works!
Letting go of past traumas without needing to relive them. Some thoughts on not remembering your childhood. Everyone experiences release differently; sometimes if you feel like you need to relive trauma to heal, you will relive trauma to heal. However, you don’t have to; you can choose to just not think about it and let it go.
Also, what’s coming up next week? Clearing lack and limitation so you can plug into abundance!

Week 3 : Clearing Your Past Incarnations

Week 3 – Lack & Limitation is an Illusion – You can have everything you desire right here and right now.
Video 1 – Introduction
Did you know that lack and limitation is bullshit? Everything we can imagine is available to us. If you’re experiencing lack and limitations, you’re the creator of that. How you create this ties into the programming you’re plugged into that comes from any and all systems, groups, cultures, and belief systems you have personal encounters and experiences with.
Do you hold unconscious beliefs that people with money are evil? Controlling? Greedy? Does this mean that you will be the same way? Did money (or a lack thereof) create a lot of issues and arguments between your parents?
You can’t plug into the energy of being broke and expect to be wealthy. However, you don’t have to plug into other people’s energies, and you can choose to plug into abundance and love.
What you will learn:
  • How different people experience life.
  • Everything is here and available for us!
  • Whatever energy you feed into is the energy that you will experience in your life.
  • It’s your perception of what the future is going to hold and what life will be like that actually creates the experience you will have.
  • Do you have a “why bother” attitude or belief system?
  • Are you aware of the lack and limitation you are plugged into on an unconscious level?
  • Whatever you expect is what you will receive, so start observing your life and your thoughts and how they are connected.
  • Honor and love your life experiences without comparing yourself to others.
  • You can choose to learn through positive experiences or through negative experiences.
Video 2 – Clearing Lack and Limitation Activations
In this sections, we will be clearing out and disconnecting from lack and limitation programming. What are your deeply held belief systems about money? Allow all of these programmed beliefs about money to be cleared so that you may live the abundant and joyful life you dream of.
It all begins within you; by healing yourself, you are better able to help heal others. This also helps heal the collective and raise more and more people into a life of abundance and love.
Clearing Lack and Limitation
This will clear your unconscious programming about lack and limitation on all levels. It clears your genetics, your family, the beliefs you have about money from the government, religion, and so on. Any and all programmed beliefs associated with money will be cleared so that you can plug into abundance.
Family Constellations Activation
This clears everything from your family tree energetically that could be holding you back without you even knowing it. This includes any family karma, past life karma, and any associated energies that affect the bloodlines. It also allows you to forgive any and all wrongdoings, such as abuse, so that you can let go and move forward.
Caste System Family
Were you raised in a competitive environment? Were certain people in your family better than others because they had more money? In your experience, were people who had money controlling with it? Did they use it to hold power over other people and manipulate their decisions in some way? Clear any and all energies of judgment, resentment, and fear surrounding money and those who have it. This allows you to cleanse your energies as well as the energies of your entire family line, bringing healing to you and to everyone else as well.
Poppy Syndrome Activation
What happened any time you tried to shine or stand out? Were you discouraged from continuing? Were you brought down rather than being supported in your endeavors? Release any self-deprecating beliefs about money so that they stop preventing you from achieving your goals. It’s your job to be the poppy and stand out! And you can start doing this by loving yourself for who you are, as you are, where you are, right now.
Fruit of Life Activation
This Activation balances and clears all of your chakras, which connect you not only to your higher self or soul, but also keep you grounded and connected to Gaia. Your chakra system helps keep you in alignment and at peace, and when there is a blocked, overactive, or underactive chakra, it can create symptoms not only in the physical body but also in your life experiences. Repeat this Activation as often as you want to keep your chakras balanced and clear.
Video 3 – Q & A
Remember that you are a gift to life!
Tamra covers some gentle reminders about the emotional purging process, especially for anyone who’s new to Sacred Activations. She also discusses insights and strategies for manifesting abundance, including practical habits to help you more forward each and every day.

Week 4 : Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations

Week 4 – Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations – There is a vibration in the air, kind of like radio-waves, that sends out an energy of separation, war, hate and vice, which Tamra is going to deactivate for people this week on the call so they can come into oneness. We are all in this together. We shouldn’t be separated because of our politics or our belief systems.  We have to realize we are in this together. This is all a part of transforming yourself to a higher level of understanding, and being able to connect with all that is you. Activate Oneness in knowing we are all together. Love for all.

Week 5 : Disconnect from Disease

Week 5 – Disconnect from Disease – Disease is man made. It’s a collective consciousness belief system, there are hundreds of thousands of diseases we can plug into and suffer from, so we are going to totally erase any need to experience disease anymore.
Video 1 – Introduction to This Week
Belief systems are woven into the DNA and we can choose to accept and integrate these beliefs or not. Oftentimes, disease consciousness is about getting bored, giving up, trying to get your family back, needing rest… it’s about fear of living on some level. It’s an excuse to stop yourself, beat yourself up, and make yourself suffer. All diseases are self-created energetically. All of them. You’re not a victim of disease; you’re a victim of your own mind creating things. Why would you create suffering instead of creating joy and happiness? You can learn the same lessons through joyful experiences that you can through painful experiences, so start shifting your focus to learning from everything with this week’s Activations, and disconnect yourself from disease consciousness. Sometimes we’re so afraid of who we are that we create distractions for ourselves. Disease is man-made. If God is perfect, there’s no disease. There’s no reason for it anymore. I invite you to disconnect with me today.
Activations Included:
  • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
  • Disconnect from Disease Programming
  • Disconnect from Food Programming
  • Disconnect from Addictions
Video 2 – Sacred Activations
Disconnect from Disease Consciousness
How many people do you know who are stuck in beliefs of cancer and other diseases? What percent of women will get breast cancer? What percent of men will get prostate cancer? How many people say this or that disease runs in my family? Would you like to disconnect from all of that? We only get what we believe, so let’s change it. Disconnect from group and genetic consciousness and clear out your core beliefs about disease.
Disconnect from Disease Programming
Clear self-hatred and self-destruction. Clear the need to make disease your friend. Learn to forgive yourself for anything you’re blaming yourself for or punishing yourself for. Forgive yourself right here and now. Clearing cell memory of trauma, releasing overwhelm. Release high blood pressure, schizophrenia… disconnect from any and all psychological conditions.
Disconnect from Food Programming
Do you feel like you’re poisoning yourself if you don’t eat organic? It is your beliefs about the food that determine how it will affect your body, so you actually program your food as far as how it will affect you. Let’s disconnect from and clear any limiting beliefs about food now.
Disconnect from Addictions
Let go of any addictive behaviors quickly and easily; this Activation will allow you to release the emotional discomfort associated with addiction and allow you to no longer feel desperation or need for whatever you are addicted to. Instead, you will experience a sense of calm around it and find it easier to release all triggers associated with the addictive behavior.
Video 3 – Guided Meditation
This guided meditation helps you to release and clear out any remaining energies and traumas in your auric field. Clear, heal, and rejuvenate every cell of your body. Come into oneness. Receive the knowledge woven into your DNA that you are one with All That Is. Fully integrate today’s Sacred Activations more effortlessly by following this guided meditation.
Video 4 – Q & A
On sharing Sacred Activations with others, being energy, information, and light; thoughts on the 8-8-8 Lion’s Gate and timing as this is the perfect time to release disease consciousness! You will heal as fast as you’re ready to. Thoughts on having conversations with people to settle disagreements peacefully. Next week: releasing belief systems and programming about aging, death, and dying. Remember to love yourselves!

Week 6 : Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death & Aging

Week 6 – Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death and Aging – We will explore beliefs around aging and dying. Aging is a collective consciousness belief of what we’re supposed to look like at what age and how we’re supposed to act. Our perception of dying is also just a belief system here in the matrix. We don’t have to go through the dying process. When we are done with our mission we can leave. In week 6, Tamra connects with source energy so we can dis-create these belief systems within and in the collective consciousness. As these beliefs dissolve, we are brought into a higher vibrational frequency where we can look age 40 instead of age 600.
Video 1 – Introduction to This Week’s Upgrades
Some thoughts on aging, dying, and death. The only reason we believe in death and aging is because of what we’ve been programmed to believe about it, so whatever issues or things you think you’ll have, you can choose not to have those issues. What is your life expectancy? Would you like to be healthy, happy, and look young? This is all available to us, and the only thing we have to do is change our belief systems around it. Let’s let go of the beliefs that stop you from being who you are.
Tamra shares about her upcoming travel adventures and how letting go of everything is liberating. Interested in seeing what she’s up to? Follow her adventures here and on her YouTube and Facebook pages.
Activations Included:
  • Clearing Past & Future Lives, DNA, and Collective Beliefs
  • Humans Are Fucking Stupid, Get Me the Hell Out of Here
  • The Sky is Falling
  • The Book of the Dead
  • Moses Code Activation
  • Age Reversal Activation
  • Collagen Activation
  • Telomeres and Stem Cells
  • Cell Snap
  • Upgrade Your Life Force
Video 2 – Sacred Activations for Death & Dying
Aging, death, and dying. What does death and dying mean to you? Do you have a fear of death? Do you hold trauma in your body from past lives? Let’s clear all of this energy.
Clearing Past & Future Lives, DNA, and Collective Beliefs
This clears your genetics and unplugs you from the collective consciousness and belief systems about death and dying, whatever those might be for you.
Humans Are Fucking Stupid, Get Me the Hell Out of Here
Sometimes we miss our unconditional love connection so much, we get a feeling of such separation and abandonment. Feeling homesick. Lost. Exhausted on a soul level. Feeling like you’re overwhelmed by life. Let’s release that and get reconnected to the unconditional love and healing of Source energy. If you believe that earth is hell, you create hell. Maybe you believe you learn more through suffering than through joy. Whatever those limiting beliefs might be, we will release them here today.
The Sky is Falling
Do you believe life is full of suffering and struggle? That our existence here is somehow meant to be a traumatic or difficult one? We have the choice to experience our lessons in ways that are traumatic or in ways that are positive, so let’s disconnect from the idea that life is trauma and chaos, and connect to the belief that life is beautiful and fun.
The Book of the Dead
Clear and disconnect from programmed ideas about death and dying. This includes belief systems about what age you will die, how you will die, and whether you believe it will be traumatic or not. You will also be given the knowledge of what to do when it’s time for your transition to the next life. Your past and future lives will be cleared of all traumas associated with death and dying.
Video 3 – Sacred Activations to Disconnect from Beliefs About Aging
What blueprints did you set up for yourself about what you’re supposed to look like at what age? Where did you get them? Would you like to erase all of that? What age is it that you think it’s impossible to get to?
Moses Code Activation
Aging is a belief system, a series of programs just like so many other beliefs we hold. The Moses Code Activation disconnects you from beliefs about aging and allows you to re-create yourself as you wish, without letting your programming about aging determine how your life plays out.
Age Reversal Activation
This Activation deactivates the aging gene and reactivates youthfulness within your DNA. You will be released from your genetic beliefs about aging and the group consciousness of what aging is. You are a being of light; as the creator of your own reality, you can learn to choose youth forever.
Collagen Activation
This activates elasticity and youthfulness throughout your skin, organs, and body systems. Enjoy the experience of feeling each cell within your body being renewed, replenished, and rejuvenated. Spike your auric field with a connection to Source energy and see all of your fears and worries about aging melt away.
Telomeres and Stem Cells
Activating telomeres and stem cells for age reversal. Your brain is a powerful tool, so we are working with it to increase elasticity and help the two brain hemispheres to connect and merge for optimal functionality. This will help you to activate certain gifts, expand your soul, and help you to be more present in the moment.
Cell Snap
Heal adrenals and chronic fatigue; have energy and vitality again. This Activation works directly on the glands and cells throughout your body to revitalize them and heal any and all chronic conditions that may be affecting you and holding you back.
Upgrade Your Life Force
Strengthen your abilities to heal yourself, recharge, and replenish your cellular structure. Your youthfulness is within your power, just like everything else in your life. Empower yourself to take charge of your youth, health, wellbeing, and self-care with this Activation.
Video 4 – Q & A and Sharing
Yawning is energy shifting! The energies we’ve just shifted will continue to integrate over the next several weeks and months. You will be amazed at the results! Clients share positive experiences, and Tamra shares how these Activations might affect people in the coming days.

Week 7 : Deactivate Your Beliefs About Death & Aging

Week 7 – Walk-ins – We are integrating and/or releasing walk-ins, if you have or are a walk-in. We are clearing oaths, commitments, contracts, curses, blood bonds, demons, etc. so we can live our lives free of these things. It is no longer necessary to go through these kinds of things. If you’re ready to be free of these energies and really be in your power of who you are, join me this Wednesday! Looking forward to helping you with your transformation! Experience weekly calls to move into higher states of consciousness. Clear out old beliefs and old programs. Heal from your early incarnations and move into a new reality.
Video 1 – Introduction to Walk-Ins and Demons
Tamra shares some insights about her experiences with walk-ins. What is a walk-in? How can we understand different aspects of ourselves? Do you have a soul contract with another aspect of yourself? This is all about expansion and soul growth, and in order to do that we will clear out everything that isn’t supposed to be there. Get ready to release any and all connections to energies that aren’t supposed to be connected to you. We’re going to clear all of that today.
Recommended: Dolores Cannon’s Between Death and Life
Activations Included:
  • Black Magic & Voodoo Energy Clearing
  • Energetic Attachments Clearing
  • Get Your Keys Back
  • Black Magic Puppet Master
  • World Heart Chakra
  • Prison Planet
Video 2 – Sacred Activations
Black Magic & Voodoo Energy Clearing
If you have any energetic attachments or entities hanging around that aren’t supposed to be there, this will help clear those energies and attachments. It will also help clear any curses through your family, genetics, religion, etc. We’re releasing all curses and dark energies; anything that isn’t supposed to be here will now be released. God knows what is supposed to be there and what isn’t, so trust in the process and let go of these attachments with this Sacred Activation.
Energetic Attachments Clearing
Attachments to your house, your children, your land… any energetic attachments to anything in this or any other lifetime and timeline will be cleared and released with this Sacred Activation.
Get Your Keys Back
Remember your own power with this Sacred Activation designed to help you trust in your ability to figure things out and take charge of your healing journey. Sometimes we give people power over us, energetically giving them the keys to our lives and the ability to control us on a larger level. This Activation will return your keys and power back to you, where it belongs.
Black Magic Puppet Master
Release energetic attachments through every single cell of your body. With this Activation, all attachments to past life experiences of being burned at the stake, hunted down, or oppressed and mistreated will be cleared. Allow the release of any associated fears, conscious or unconscious. You no longer have to allow your fear of others’ judgments to dictate your life. Release any and all religious beliefs and indoctrination.
World Heart Chakra
Clear the energies throughout your entire being, all of your chakras, your auric field, and each level of your existence. Clear all past life karma and the belief system that you have to fight all the time and protect yourself. All of these energetic chains, cords, and attachments are falling away from you and you no longer have to carry the burden of them.
Prison Planet
Do you see this world and your body as a prison? Feel oppressed, held down, trapped, or unhappy here on earth? Life is meant to be beautiful! Allow this Sacred Activation to help you break free from the shackles of your life, real or imagined, and release any emotional and energetic attachments you may have to feelings of oppression and rebellion. We’re releasing any need to call these energies back because you’re accustomed to feeling them. Just let all of that energy go. Any need to repeat the same experiences will also be removed and cleared.
Video 3 – Guided Meditation
This guided meditation is about connecting with all aspects of you. If you are a walk-in, you can discover and connect with that now. You can have a conversation and agree on what you’d like to do, and then one can leave and the other can integrate. This is a much easier way to live life, and to connect to your higher self on a more consistent basis.
Video 4 – Q & A and Sharing About Walk-Ins
Tamra shares her experiences with walk-ins, the integration process, and what it’s like to integrate a walk-in. Some of the shifts that have taken place, the emotional purging process, and feeling oneness and at peace. Clarity, readiness to play, and living a beautiful life. Some thoughts on letting go of material belongings. Attendees share their experiences, visions, and personal journeys during today’s sessions.

Week 8 : Higher Self & Sacred Geometry

Week 8 – Higher Self & Sacred Geometry – We will be running many sacred geometry activations and I’ll be doing a guided meditation to connect you with your higher self. We will strengthen that connection so you can communicate with your higher self much, much easier.
Video 1 – Introduction to Sacred Geometry & Higher Self Connection
Mt. Shasta is the base chakra of the world and it was spinning the wrong way, so numerous people in the collective are helping it to spin the right way, including Tamra. The collective is the Christ consciousness, and we are all the cells of that, and every cell affects other cells in the body, so we can each have a powerfully positive impact on the planet, just by showing up as our best selves and being able to manifest quickly and intentionally.
Over the next few weeks (after the Activation segment), you will begin to notice that you are calmer and more at peace, things flow more easily into your life, and as you integrate all of these Activations, you will feel better and better. I guarantee you’ll heal and change as quickly as you’re ready to.
Activations Included:
  • Lord Metatron Activation
  • Moses Codes
  • Avebury-Stonehenge
  • God Head Activation
  • Seed of Life
  • Christ Consciousness Awareness
Video 2 – Sacred Activations
Lord Metatron Activation
This Activation brings the Sacred Geometric codes for the tetrahedron into your DNA. This information from the 6th Plane will activate up to 18 strands of DNA and accelerate your evolution to the new, crystalline form. It will increase your awareness of and communication with the higher realms. It will also enable you to navigate Earth’s changes with greater ease and allow you to be in sync with Gaia’s evolution from a 3rd dimensional planet.
Moses Codes
Activates your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cells, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This Activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams. Heals and rejuvenates cells, DNA, and all structures and systems in the body, physical and etheric.
The Avebury Stonehenge Activation increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher Self, guides, angels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.
God Head Activation
This Activation works on and activates the following glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata, or God Head. The purpose of this advanced activation is to awaken your psychic abilities, and as a result you may experience:
  • Better communication with your spirit guides, higher self, angels, and Creator.
  • An easier flow in life.
  • The ability to trust yourself and your instincts.
  • Greater awareness of truth.
  • Understanding of what steps to take to lead the life you desire.
  • Freedom from fears that used to stop you from moving forward.
Each time you listen to this activation, your vibrations will rise higher.
Seed of Life
Based on Sacred Geometry, the Seed of Life allows you to identify six aspects of your life you’re focusing on. This can be things such as:
  • “I am abundant.”
  • “I am free.”
  • “I have all the energy in the world.”
  • “I have all the time I need.”
  • “I always have money.”
Focus on whatever you desire to create in your life. With the Seed of Life, your energy is focused to manifest that which you truly desire by fertilizing and planting the seeds that will lead you to the life you dream of and deserve.
Christ Consciousness Awareness
Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry. Christ Consciousness Awareness empowers you to create miracles in your life.  Additionally, this heals your heart, filling you with gratitude and releasing you from self-judgment.
Video 3 – Guided Meditation
This guided meditation is for you to connect with and talk to your Higher Self in the Akashik Records realm. Your Higher Self wants to connect and be one with you so that you’re operating from a higher perspective at all times, and life just starts to flow very easily, effortlessly, and joyfully. Truly connect into the flow of your Higher Self.
Video 4 – Q & A, Conclusion
Every time you do Sacred Activations you will experience more growth and expansion, so listen to the recordings as much as you feel called to. Attendees share their experiences with Sacred Activations and this program. You will change as fast as you’re ready to. Recommendations of Sacred Activations for certain situations; private bookings are running out! No private sessions in October. Information about practitioner training and certification.

Week 9 : Galactic Over Soul

Week 9 – Galactic Over Soul – Do you know how many people you are really connected with? Your oversoul has thousands of souls connected to it. Imagine your galactic oversoul. Can you imagine having access to all the gifts and talents of all these different aspects of you?
Video 1: Introduction
About the Oversoul and Galactic Oversoul Activations (2 for 1):
  • Could take about two weeks to integrate fully.
  • Naturally get into the flow of your life and experience amazing things, big and small.
  • Get into your state of knowing and trusting in life and the unfolding of it.
  • Open your connection to your authentic, true self (your soul).
  • Get into alignment without having to fight and effort your way through it; everything you need is taken care of for you.
  • Get excited about your life and being here on earth! It is such an honor to be here.
  • Understand the amazing, abundant world of options we live in.
  • Live life in a state of love and appreciation.
  • Activations will change a lot of your programmed, false belief systems.
Video 2: Prerequisite Activations
  • Alchemy of the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Dimensions.
  • Activate your vibrations and go into the other dimensions much easier. You’ll be able to connect with the laws of the universe, and we will be working with three laws: Time, Truth, and Abundance.
  • Flower of Life Activation.
  • This heart-healing activation reconnects the two heart chakras and activates your Flower of Life. It plugs you into the unconditional love of the 5th-dimensional grid system, filling you with gratitude and empowering you to create miracles in your life.
  • Tree of Life Activation.
  • The Tree of Life Activation ignites your Tree of Life, rejuvenates your cells, and increases your energy and mental clarity. This activation makes it easier to focus on and manifest your dreams.  Since downloading this activation, I personally look more youthful and there is a sparkle in my eyes. I have stopped taking supplements for energy because I no longer need them.
  • Avebury Stonehenge Activation.
  • The Avebury Stonehenge Activation increases your healing and intuitive abilities. It allows you to more easily communicate with your Higher Self, guides, angels, and the Creator. It also amplifies clairvoyance and clairaudience, which will make it possible for you to fully comprehend what is taking place in healings.
Video 3: Connect to Your Oversoul Activation
  • Connect to Your Oversoul.
  • Access the Akashik Records.
  • Receive Your Divine Gifts.
  • Receive and Integrate Upgraded Information, Knowledge, and Light.
  • DNA Activations & Upgrades.
  • Remaining Oversoul Integrations.
Video 4: Galactic Oversoul Activation Introduction
  • Understand that you are always provided for; the only reason we struggle is our own belief systems.
  • You will begin to flow and watch life unfold before you in a state of peace, inspiration, and joy.
  • Your vibration will expand and raise higher and higher as you integrate these activations into your being.
  • Understand your amazing gifts and how you are connected to everything in existence.
  • Love and joy; freedom from struggle. Heaven on earth. World peace through awakening.
  • You will know that everything is perfect and there is nothing to worry about.
  • We don’t “lose” time; we make it.
Video 5: Galactic Oversoul Activation
  • Connect with Mother Earth’s Heart Chakra.
  • Connect with your Galactic Oversoul through the Akashik Records.
  • Connect with All You Are and All That Is.
  • Receive Knowledge, Understanding, and Divine Gifts.
  • Activate Diamond DNA.
  • Experience a flow of knowledge, understanding, ideas, insights, and inner bliss and excitement.
  • Expansion and peaceful understanding. Integrate being in the flow of life.
  • Strengthen your connection with your galactic self.
Video 6: Conclusion and Q & A
  • The physical body & integrating Sacred Activations.
  • Give yourself time to rest and recover to integrate your new upgrades.
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Shared experiences of energy healing.
  • Walk-ins.
  • Programs we choose to run… or not.
  • Life is a technologically advanced holographic video game or like a movie where you wear all the hats of creation.
  • Yes, your knowing will unfold.
  • Shaa & more about walk-ins.
  • Music on Mars! And the magic of music on earth.
  • Spaceships & UFO’s.
  • Self-sabotage: how we stand in our own way.
  • Love yourself! Blissing out.

Week 10 : Universal Over Soul

Week 10 – Universal Over Soul – Have you ever connected with your Universal Over Soul? Can you imagine how vast that is? Imagine how many souls are connected in that. It is all a part of you. Imagine being able to embody this any time you desire. Full connection, full clarity, full understanding, and the knowledge, the understanding and the vibrations of expansion of who you are totally connecting you to God energy.
Video 1 – Introduction – Universal Oversoul
Activate & Gain Access to Universal Knowledge
Activations included:
  • Starseed
  • Star Gate
  • Galactic Federation
  • Unmasked Emotions
Ask Questions of the Universe
Connect to all universes and all possibilities. We live on many levels at the same time. It’s time for us to be who we truly are… if you’re here, there’s a reason why you’re here. When you expand your knowledge of who you are, it expands into the knowledge of All.
We are powerful creators, creating on different levels from different levels of consciousness… this is you. All of it is you. Are you ready to connect into your Universal Oversoul? Let’s activate our consciousness.
Video 2 – Activations
Starseed Activation
Connect with your team of guides and selves from other lifetimes and states of existence on many timelines and in many different dimensions. Imagine gaining access to all of the knowledge and sensory input from this many different lifetimes of experience and then being able to utilize that knowledge to make your life here better.
Star Gate Activation
A level beyond Starseed Activation – it is a process, and this is kind of like time travel. We can travel faster than the speed of light by utilizing our consciousness, our imagination, and our memory. We can travel astrally, and we can do this with other planets and galaxies instantly. Tap into this ability and the understanding that comes with it.
Galactic Federation
Help to heal the 5D grid system and charge it with unconditional love energy to heal the consciousness of the planet. The third dimensional grid system is falling apart, and for good reason; its structures are ill and diseased and rotting.
We can change the consciousness of the planet, and we are changing that when we activate unconditional love. There are so many diverse belief systems of separation; we all consider ourselves separate for different reasons. It is such a gift to be different, though. We should all begin to celebrate those differences because we all represent different pieces and parts of the whole, contributing through our unique experiences to the collective understanding of All.
Unmasked Emotions
Allow the universal energy of love to flow through you, and through the whole world. Connect with your heart and your sense of unconditional love. We always feel like we have to suppress our emotions, but this is actually damaging. Open yourself up to the vibration of love, joy, and happiness. Feel that pure Source love flowing through your DNA. The feeling of being ecstatic, of falling in love, of ecstasy, of connection…. This is where inspiration thrives and life becomes magical.
Connect to your Universal Oversoul
This is like installing a direct line of connection to your oversoul, your higher self. This connection allows you to integrate knowledge and understanding of things you may not have been able to integrate before, as well as being able to connect with all aspects of yourself at once, no matter the lifetime, timeline, or dimension this aspect of yourself exists in.
Video 3 – Question & Answer
Masks and layers of false perception being peeled back. Discussing rose gold and liquid gold energy, and allowing unconditional love to flow into your life by loving yourself unconditionally. Physical changes, our worlds shifting, cancer experiences, healing experiences, old selves dying, and embracing the unknown of life to enjoy the journey more deeply. Going with the flow, no more freaking out, and feeling at peace. Panic attacks and fear, but remember there are no victims; we create our own troubles. Self-care, connecting with your higher self, and re-listening to Sacred Activations.
Can’t cope with loud noises anymore? Do the Universal Life Grid Activation.
I just wanted to say that since I made a conscious decision to surrender, allow, and receive, things are really accelerating and I’m just allowing. It’s just been beautiful!
Life absolutely gets happier and easier!
Video 4 – Connect to Your Universal Oversoul
This is a guided meditation to help you connect with your oversoul. Do this often, and then before you know it you will be able to connect with your oversoul without needing the assistance of the meditation anymore.
Connecting to the Universal Grid System from Space, safe and protected.
Ask questions and receive gifts from the Universe. What would you like to know? What gifts would you like to receive? What would you like to ask about your life?
See you in your infinite brilliance!
Allow your knowledge and understanding to be expanded. Feel the knowing, the understanding, the compassion, the love.
Video 5 – More Questions
De-activation for social anxiety; I will be doing this soon.
Telling the energies and entities to leave you alone at night so that you can get some sleep; stop leaving your body to do spiritual and psychic work, and finally get some rest.
Life’s Grid Activation will help with that.

Week 11 : Other You

Week 11 – Other You – Learn to talk and communicate with other “you’s” on different timelines. Be able to activate all the gifts you have acquired in all your soul’s lives.  Right here, right now, right where you are.  
Video 1 – Q & A
Sharing, emotional purging, emotional healing work, and the amazing results. On feeling lost, being an empath and picking up other people’s stuff, abundance, mindset, clarity, and clearing with Sacred Activations.
Activations Included:
  • Separation of Oneself
  • Soul Fragments
  • Universal Life Grid Activation 
Video 2 – The Activations
Tamra talks about how parts of you can be scattered in different timelines. Part of you takes one direction and another aspect of you takes another direction. You will be activating your spiritual gifts as well, and connecting all aspects of yourself to combine your knowledge and understanding for optimal manifestation and life experiences.
Separation of Oneself
A mind divided. Come into alignment by becoming clear about what you believe. Release and clear old programming that doesn’t serve you so that you may feel harmonious and alive. Let go of any symptoms such as cognitive dissonance and misaligned belief systems so that you can truly be who you are and step into self-empowerment.
Soul Fragments
Your soul can splinter off into different worlds, lifetimes, timelines, and incarnations, oftentimes depending on decisions and events within your life. Call all of the other pieces of you back from trauma and separation to incorporate a sense of oneness and connection into your daily life experience.
Universal Life Grid Activation
Are you an empath? Do you take on other people’s emotions as your own? Do you make other people’s problems your problems? Break free from taking on other people’s stuff and learn how to discern for your highest good what decisions to make. This Activation connects you to your higher self to make it easier to receive divine guidance in any moment you are presented with an opportunity to choose differently.
Video 3 – Connect with Your Doppelganger
Guided Meditation: Connect to All Aspects of Yourself
Bring yourself into connection with every aspect of you that has been separated or splintered off due to trauma, decisions, and various events throughout our lives. This will allow you to align your life purpose, goals, and decisions with your highest good for your soul’s evolution and for your human life journey.
Video 4 – Preview for Week 12 of Out of the Mind Matrix with Love
Connecting to the Eye of God
We are going to connect to Source energy and really connect to God and everything else in existence. This will allow you to have that flowing energy and knowledge within you. You can ask for things, answers, experiences, and will be guided by your true self and your connection with the divine.

Week 12 : God Head

Week 12 – God Head – We are going to connect with the eye of God to see how God sees the world.  We will gain that free flowing connection with God, with everything, to tune into that energy and knowledge within us.  
Video 1 – Introduction of Final Session
Questions, testimonials, and wrapping up our journey out of the Mind Matrix together. Purging of fear and other emotions. Tapping into the flow of being connected to our oversouls and God. Experience a state of unconditional love and peace despite anything that may arise in your life.
Activations & Guided Meditation will help you connect to the Eye of God so you can see just how lovely and divinely perfect you and the world really are.
Video 2 – Activations
God Head Activation
This Activation works on and activates the following glandular centers in the brain: the pituitary, pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and the medulla oblongata, or God Head. The purpose of this advanced activation is to awaken your psychic abilities, and as a result you may experience:
  • Better communication with your spirit guides, higher self, angels, and Creator.
  • An easier flow in life.
  • The ability to trust yourself and your instincts.
  • Greater awareness of truth.
  • Understanding of what steps to take to lead the life you desire.
  • Freedom from fears that used to stop you from moving forward.
Each time you listen to this activation, your vibrations will rise higher.
Eye of God Activation
Connect with the Eye of God and see the world, yourself, and everything in existence the way God sees it. Tapping into unconditional love, compassion, and understanding, you will be able to see things in more complete detail and understand many different perspectives without judging. Experience a sense of “over-standing,” compassion, and empathy for All That Is.
Video 3 – Eye of God Guided Meditation
To help you integrate the previous Activations, we will be connecting with Mother Earth and all the love and acceptance she has for us. Be able to see the truth of this world and the truth of your life. Feel the presence of everything, all the love, light, and power… you are the true Creator of who you are and your life experience. Be the vibration of expansion, knowledge, and connection. Begin creating through joy and happiness, led by unconditional love. Life is perfect; you are perfect.
Video 4 – Q & A and Discussion
Activations kicking our butts sometimes! Trouble sleeping, excess energy, excess sleeping. Purging and releasing emotions. Upcoming 4 weeks of Spirituality and Money. Practitioner and Teacher Trainings are coming up on the 4th and the 11th and 12th. Tamra’s going to Cancun, Mexico and sitting on the beach for her birthday!


“Hi Tamra & Everyone,
I have recently become a Certified Sacred Activations Practitioner and I wanted to share with you one of my experiences with this work. Working with my daughter`s seizure the other day, even after the seizure she sometimes has continuing dizziness and headaches and I do healings on her and it takes sometimes 10 mins sometimes more than an hour for her to fully recover.This time I felt an urge to do activations on her and soon afterward she was feeling well. I am so thankful for this work and to Tamra Oviatt for introducing it to me.It is fast, effective and does wonders. I believe there is yet to experience more miracle healings with diseases which we once would have thought incurable through Sacred Activations. I would recommend everyone to be activated or even better become a practitioner. Your life is bound to change in the most amazing ways…” 

Hi Tamra,
My life has really opened up after your Sacred Activations….I have been busy with providing Divine Intuitive email readings for clients. *Please know as I have always done intuitive readings for family & friends for free. Now, since receiving your Sacred Activations & listening to them many times, just 2 days ago I started offering my services for readings and I am being paid for them now! Thank you Thank you thank you! 

Tamra Oviatt is a rare being. I call her a one-of-one because I truly haven’t known another like her. A unique Master capable of launching activations and teachings that cannot be denied nor checked off as another one of those, she is also a woman with a distinct knowing of all things Universe, deeply cares about peace on earth and carries within her a heart of gold right in the center of one heck of a wild, quirky unassuming personality. A rare, gifted being indeed. Maureen


Tamra Oviatt is a visionary leader in the human potential movement. Tamra is a sought-after teacher,
award-winning author, and speaker. As one of the most gifted and powerful healers of our time. Tamra
is the founder of Sacred Activations; which was given to her by God and is one of the most powerful and
transformational energy work modalities available today. Tamra is an award-winning author of three
books, and the recipient of The 2016 International publishing people’s choice award in the category of
spirituality. Tamra has been featured on over one hundred telesummits, radio shows, interviews, and

Tamra received the first activation in 2012 from Archangel Metatron and since then over a hundred
thousand people have experienced Sacred Activations around the globe. Since the inception of Sacred
Activations, Tamra has brought through over three hundred powerful activations for every area of life,
that have been gifted to her from God Ascended Masters and Angels. She has helped tens of thousands
of clients worldwide and has trained over 400 practitioners internationally.

Tamra identifies the collective subconscious of humanity, which she was taught runs 95% of the world.
Tamra plugs into God energy which provides the needed information to shift people instantly and
permanently. Tamra was seeing visions of sacred geometry which would create instant healings even
before she understood what sacred geometry was. Many people have reported instantaneous healings
from chronic and life-threatening conditions as well as limiting patterns and belief systems. When
someone receives an activation it’s as if a cosmic thread unwinds all that is ready to clear with Divine
Intelligence and timing. A single activation will continue running in someone’s energy field for as long as
it is needed, sometimes for days, weeks and even months and the client will continue to transform until
the shift is complete.

Tamra believes everyone deserves to live a life of joy and wellness and she helps thousands of people
internationally to transform themselves and their lives forever. Tamra is actively cultivating her vision of
world peace by working with individuals on a global scale. Tamra’s changing the world by working in the
subconscious of humanity and teaching others to do the same, shifting hundreds of thousands and even
millions of people at a time.

Package - Value $300 - Special Offer - $150

In a 12 part series brought forth by Channel and Master Teacher, Sacred Activation & Deactivation Specialist Tamara Oviatt:
  • Long ingrained mind programs will be shattered and cleared.
  • Ineffective beliefs will be removed and re-integrated under the influence of the Light and Love of God.
  • Healing from the beginning of your Earth time will occur.
  • DNA harmonious to the True New Matrix will switch on and,
  • You will be moved into a New Reality.
  • Will unfold as guided by many Masters. Each week you will personally be touched by every activation and deactivation.
  • Will move you into higher and higher states of consciousness as you will experience in the days between sessions.
  • Will connect you to the Power of God, the Power of Love and the Power of You.