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February 2021

Package - Value $720 - 80% Discount - Special Offer - $144

Item 1 : Honoring Yourself and Your Light Activation - 55+ minute Video Transmission of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light
Item 2 : Abiding in Sovereignty” Transmission of Light Series with Omaji and The Council of Light
Item 3 : One LIVE  2 Hour Interactive Group Healing Session with Omaji and The Council of Light

Omaji's Package

Total Value $720 - 80% Discount

Special Offer $144


A Direct Line to Oneness
LIVING THE NEW EARTH Beyond Separation, Lack and Struggle
Transmissions of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light
"This Series of Transmissions is shared to support you in aligning with the New Earth systems of Oneness, Love, and Truth. As you Remember who you are in the Sovereignty of you and FUNCTION as that, you serve to not only FREE yourself but to also Manifest from and AS the New Earth energies - This Accelerates the Liberation of ALL.  This is you accessing your Truth as A Creator Being of Light and Birthing the New Earth." ~ Omaji and The Council of Light
Item 1 : Honoring Yourself and Your Light Activation - 55+ minute Video Transmission of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light
This Transmission of Light Session includes Energetic Transmissions and Multidimensional Light Codes to Support you in:
  • Remembering the TRUE “Honoring of Self” Ways of Being
  • Reconfigure into Honoring of Self so that you Give Life Permission to Honor You
  • Recognizing Your Own Value and Worth
  • Release the “Sacrifice” based versions of Service, Love and Honoring
  • Retiring “Betrayal of Self” Mechanisms
  • Reframing your Perception of YOU and the Honoring of You through the lens of ONENESS
  • Retrieve the Responsibility for YOU Honoring YOU 
  • Moving into INTEGRITY with You and Your Light
… and much more….
(Honoring YourSelf and Your Light Activation Video and Audio Transmission Downloads: $78 Value)
Item 2 : “​Abiding in Sovereignty” Transmission of Light Series with Omaji and The Council of Light
Omaji and The Council of Light share energetic Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Attunements and Activations to Support you in Retiring all of the patterns of Co-dependency and Separation and Welcoming the Experience of yourself as Fully Empowered and Free in your own Authority as a Being of Light.
Will you Choose this LIBERATION into the Right Alignment that Accesses ALL of YOU?
It's time to Remember the Potency of you as an Extension of Infinite Source.
This Series includes Transmissions to:
*Shift out of separation and co-dependent patterns and tendencies
*Remember Boundaries as simply 'Choice' to Honor the Self
*Align with the Vertical Orientation of you in your Sovereignty as a Being of Light Incarnate - Remembering your Access to Infinite.
*Reduce Empathic Sensitivity and Release Responsibility for the choices and paths of others- Honing in on YOUR Soul's Power of Choice for Yourself and Focusing on your Path and Evolution
*Support you in Making the MOST out of the Heightened Potentials that are Available for Accelerated Evolution and Expansion
*Step into True Empowerment Accessing All of your Light and Resources as an Infinite Being of Light
*Retire all identifications with victim consciousness to Activate the Knowing of yourself in the Freedom of Infinite Choice.
*Remember How to see others as fully Empowered Beings of Light
*Re-configure, Fine tune and Focus all of your Power in Right Alignment with you AS your True Self
... and so much more….
ARE you Ready for the Freedom, Expansion and Alignment of you in your Fully Tuned-in and Empowered State of Being?

This "Level Up" Series addresses various aspects of what seems to hold us back from our Infinite Expression WHILE we INVITE in a Powerful way OUR PUREST Expression to Remembered and to SHINE THROUGH FULLY into our current experience in this Realm (regardless of what has shown up in the past)
A component of what is shared will be simply to REMEMBER the HONORING OF SELF as equivalent to Honoring All Life.
We INVITE GRACE and EASE as we Choose together to Remember and to ACCESS this Acceleration and Momentum into Higher Octaves of Expression.
Total of 5 Sessions - 90 minutes each (minimum) in the form of Audio recording downloads
Because each session is a multi-dimensional Transmission of Light, it continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive. Each time you interact with the Transmissions, they meet you exactly where you are.
Will you join us in this Co-Creation of LIBERATION into the Right Alignment that Accesses ALL of YOU?
We INVITE GRACE and EASE as you Choose together to Remember and to ACCESS this Acceleration and Momentum into Higher Octaves of Expression in ONENESS.
Will you Receive the REMEMBERING your Divine Truth, Value and Innate Ways of BEing that translate into an experience of WHOLENESS, Perfection, and LOVE?
(Abiding In Sovereignty Transmissions of Light Series – Audio Downloads: $555 Value)
Item 3 : One LIVE  2 Hour Interactive Group Healing Session with Omaji and The Council of Light
This session will be offered in a Virtual Round Table format to allow for all participants to share openly (if desired) with the intention of Healing, Transforming and Transcending that which is not compatible with the energies of 5D Gaia and The Golden Age that We are in the midst of Welcoming. Omaji and The Council of Light will share Vibrational Support, Processes, Energetic Download Transmissions to facilitate the retiring of old patterns and Release of that which no longer serves based on what is being called forth by participants.

We often find during this type of Group Session, that the "issue" of one participant is also shared by many in the group... So it becomes a beautiful Dance of Healing and Remembering that serves everyone involved in a way that feels very Personal and Liberating. In addition - there is much Support given to the Members of the Group beyond the actually 'time' in the session itself. We work with the Group in a Multidimensional Way Beyond the limits of time - so there is an additional receiving and benefit shared beyond the 'time' in the Session itself. It is our Joy and Honor to Support you in this way ~ Omaji and The Council of Light
In addition to the LIVE (2 Hour) Group Healing Session and the Group Energy Support before and after the session, you also receive the recording to revisit as often as you are guided. All Sessions are Multidimensional offerings that meet you where you are at the time you Participate or at the time you listen.
If you are unable to attend LIVE, you have the option of submitting intentions ahead of time - and since you are part of the group energy, your Higher Self will facilitate on your behalf.
(One 2 Hour Group Healing Session: $87 Value)


What to Expect:
Common experiences for those who participate in Private or Group Sessions include feeling more peaceful, feeling "lighter", feeling more empowered, expanded, confident, greater clarity and ease, the release of physical and/or emotional pain, feeling more FREE and circumstances aligning in magical and miraculous ways to mirror a life that is more honoring and in greater harmony.

So much flow, insight and ease with many Ah Ha moments. Omaji models pure trust and surrender in spirit. She is skillful, committed and caring with a gentle, loving presence. No words are wasted. I experienced so much grace; so many downloads of love, which brought me to tears. Old limitations were uninstalled, which increased my havingness, receptivity, inner peace and alignment to live love. I feel more safety in my body with a relaxed feeling of trust. ~ Rob B., California USA

Words can't even begin to describe what it's been like working with Omaji! I recently moved across the country and transitioned out of my Corporate job full time into my own business. I 100% would not have made the leap as soon as I did without having her by my side helping me navigate through the deep fears I had. She has truly shown me that anything is possible, and I can fully trust both myself and Divine. The magic that has unfolded in my life while working together has been nothing short of miraculous. She teaches that there are truly infinite possibilities, and I can say I have fully expanded into a "next level" version of me over the last few months. If you're ready to go bigger in your life and surpass what you think is possible for you, I would highly recommend working with her! She has a very kind, loving, and warm energy. Thank you Omaji for being such a wonderful, amazing, and supportive guide! I'm forever grateful for you and the Council of Light.~ Amanda M., California USA

The sessions with Omaji have been like Michelangelo said about the sculpture of David. Everything that is not David is removed until the true form remains. This is what happens when doing (private and group) sessions with Omaji. Like a laser cutter she facilitates and directs the realizations of past choices conscious, but more often unconscious, that shaped you into your present form. Thus you can choose anew who you wish to be and your heart´s true desire can take shape in exactly the unique way your divine self wishes to shine forth and express. Instead of trying to change the pictures on the movie screen i.e. trying to change the external, you are assisted in choosing the highest, most loving version of you internally and then of course your outer reality has no choice but to reflect that lovely picture. I highly recommend doing sessions with Omaji to anyone ready to step into the mastery of the human game! ~ Andrea A., Sweden

Omaji has been such a blessing on my journey in this life.  She stands as a reminder of Truth and the remembrance that all there is IS Love.  She helps me to gently shift and release all emotional upset, discord, and illusionary beliefs back into Love.  I feel aligned, reconnected, and conscious of the Love that I am and there is whenever I work with her.  I am truly grateful. ~ Trisha S., Florida USA
Sessions with Omaji have been really transforming for me in so many ways. I’ve learned to love myself and choose joy and abundance above sadness and insecurity... And I’ve learned how to work with the Divine more directly and ask for guidance. It’s been really life changing for me... Amazing! One of my “big deals” was speaking (in public) and I learned to acknowledge that I was petrified of speaking even though I have had to do it so much in my life.  In One Session (with Omaji), I acknowledged that I had the fear, (and was willing to) feel what it feels like and then to shift it to the Divine... I have since been in several situations in front of a decent size group (speaking) and I do not have so much as a butterfly - and I don’t blank out (anymore) - it is really, really crazy the difference! I am so grateful... It has made such a difference in my life and it is completely gone! ~ Tessa Q., Nebraska USA
Oh my Gosh! This is soooooo much better than any therapy session I’ve ever had. I FEEL soooooo much better- Like a huge weight has lifted!!  Priceless and profound. ~ Michelle, California USA
Over the course of The Last 5 Years, Omaji's guidance and support have brought forth True clarity, boundless love, and endless growth of Spirit for me. When clouds of uncertainty, doubt, and other emotions, thoughts and beliefs begin to surface and beg for an audience, I feel guided to Omaji and the Council of Light to help me Remember Truth - and feel consistently supported and lighter (as a result). ~ Colleen, Florida USA
So lovely and so gratitude...enjoying the reign of love...the oneness...feeling the expansion...feeling liberated...surrendering and trusting the inner wisdom...connecting more deeply to the Divine...let the magic happen...feeling is all there love...stepping out of judgment...feeling the anchor...feeling supported...I am that I am...infinite possibility...deep self love...honoring self...knowing...honoring all that is...loving you...loving me...loving life! ~ Patricia, Colorado USA
Words cannot express the magnitude of the ONE session I had with Omaji - The 'energy' of my life (experience) is so different now!! The old lack and limitation stuff has completely shifted. I am so grateful for my 'new world' and for the confidence and trust that I now feel moving forward - It is challenging to verbalize, but I really have embodied a New Way of Being! ~ Chere C., Texas USA
My Session with Omaji, was powerful and magical - She is such an open channel for The Divine.  The process of her connecting (to The Council of Light) was amazing.  There was a shift in my awareness and understanding of my life’s choices that was profound.  I could feel the waves of energy flow through my body as she spoke the Truth to me.  The Truth I learned (remembered) has shifted me.  I would recommend her programs and private sessions to anyone who is looking for more clarity and wonderful support in letting go of the unwanted and moving towards your hearts desire. ~ Lynne S., Oregon USA
Omaji's work is awesome - Took me to an energy level I had not been to in this lifetime! ~ J.J., California USA
After several weeks, I am still experiencing major shifts in my perspective and sense of well-being.  I experienced greater shifts in one session with Omaji than I have in years of other healing work on the same issues. Omaji is a powerful Healer, Teacher, and Transformer.  ~ Lauren, Florida USA
What a phenomenal session!  I strongly believe that much has shifted in my body and heart – and I love the process! I have to share that I had a call shortly after letting me know all the work coming my way.  Now, that was fast!  ~ C.J., New York USA
Sessions with Omaji are amazing! If you are ready and willing to shift your viewpoint in a loving and gracious way I would recommend a session with Omaji.  ~ Rosemary, England

Omaji Andaria

Omaji Andaria serves as a Catalyst for Expansion, Pioneering the Birth of “New Ways of Being”into this realm. She lovingly serves to Remind you of what you REALLY ARE beyond the limitations that you are currently perceiving, so that you can Remember and Embody your Oneness with Source, Your Infinite Sovereign Self and your capacity to Choose from Infinite Possibility. In Collaboration with The Council of Light, your Higher Self and Guides, Omaji holds a Safe and Sacred space for lifetimes of distortions to lift and Transform including “old programs and patterns” that are no longer serving you, Reinterpreting misperceptions of self and others, Gently releasing emotional and energetic trauma, and Restoring Truth on a conscious and unconscious level. She facilitates Transmissions of Light, Activations andVibrational Alignment to Harmonize, Uplift and Restore you to your Natural State. As these distorted frequencies and false perceptions are transcended, the result is a Greater sense of Empowerment, Freedom, Sovereignty, Peace, and Connection to Source.
Each Transmission provides an Invitation and Opportunity for You to Choose to Shift Yourself if it resonates to do so. All Sessions are in Collaboration with your Higher Self in a Way that Reminds and Empowers YOU to Shift YOU – So throughout the Experience, YOU are in your Power of Choice and simply REMEMBERING what your Choices REALLY ARE – Being Encouraged to Choose in Favor of your Expansion into Greater Alignment with your Natural State as A BEing of LIGHT (if it resonates for you to do so).
Omaji is Committed to supporting the Evolution of Consciousness in the most Harmonious Way – Supporting those who are Ready and Willing to Bridge out of Separation Consciousness into Unity Consciousness. She serves as an instrument and witness for Healing, Teaching and inspiring Alignment with the Truth beyond perceived limitations. All of her offerings and services are shared with the intention of supporting you in the Remembering of your True Self, Moving into Greater Empowerment, Activating Higher Perception from a Oneness Perspective and Expanding beyond the Experience of limitation and separation.
As the founder of Embracing the Infinite™, Omaji currently offers Private Sessions, Personal Accelerated Transformation Intensives, Group Sessions, and Annual week-long Vibrational Elevation Immersions, all to Support and Facilitate Alignment with Truth and the Remembering of the True Self in Integrity with Reverence for All Life.
You can Learn More about Omaji’s offerings at

Package - Value $720 - 80% Discount - Special Offer - $144

Item 1 : Honoring Yourself and Your Light Activation - 55+ minute Video Transmission of Light with Omaji and The Council of Light
Item 2 : Abiding in Sovereignty” Transmission of Light Series with Omaji and The Council of Light
Item 3 : One LIVE  2 Hour Interactive Group Healing Session with Omaji and The Council of Light