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  1. 60min Star Healing Intergalactic  Energy Private Healing Session
  2. The power of love and kindness mp3
  3. The power of spiritual protection mp3
  4. 4hrs of Individual or Family Spiritual Mentoring for One Year
  5. Bonus - Sacred Journey - $100 discount

Easing Disease and Deep Emotional Wounds with Help from Archangel Michael, the Masters and Pleiadians

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A message from Kelly:

My initiation began when I was first visited by my Pleiadian family during my sleep as a young girl. Later, I recall seeing the face of Christ appear in a glass of water. Near age 20 I was able to telepathically connect with my beloved mother on the other side and began my work as a medium. My awakening continued through my twenties and thirties through Master Jesus who kept appearing, along with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael who kept telling me to ‘step into my shoes.’ Some of this work resulted in my first book, INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

My soul theme in this lifetime is spiritual healer/teacher, often working through revolutionary Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM, either through private sessions or by teaching practitioners--one of two Ascension systems which was given to me from Archangel Michael and the Pleiadians. Star Healing Intergalactic Energy and Ascended SpacesTM--incredible systems--extend high level frequencies, including light symbols, key codes and harmonics for documented healing and prosperity results. This is Divine Source energy. Receiving key codes are designed to open up the knowing God/Mind. My greatest passion is in helping others with all aspects of their lives and in completing my mission.” -- Kelly Hampton


Known internationally for her profound healing abilities and special relationships with Archangel Michael, the Ascended Masters and Pleiadians, (a Pleiadian herself), Kelly is typically booked for her individual sessions months in advance year-round. As an exclusive offer she has set aside specific session days to accommodate you.

Dive Deep with the Pleiadians—Return to pure love and be restored to Health and Wholeness Now!

Kelly has helped people all over the world recover from all types of illness including Autoimmune Diseases, Cancers, Hearing Loss, Nerve Damage, Addictions, Viruses, Arthritis, and many more. Some receive instantaneous and permanent healing as if a miracle has occurred. Every illness is treatable through this advanced Pleiadian modality given to Kelly by Archangel Michael ten years ago, though individual results vary depending on the level of toxins within the conditions presented. Archangel Michael teaches that healing benefits can continue to show up in your life years, even decades from now as this is cellular, molecular healing. Experience sound codes, light language, sacred symbols as over 15 Star Nations gather and be present in every session. Some individuals have witnessed mother ships during their session sending healing rays to them!

“When you clear old programs and codes, and raise frequencies, greater knowing is the result. As an example, sometimes the Pleiadians give (renew) instantaneous clairvoyant sight by placing codes within the eyes.”--Kelly

This modality is powerful enough to transmute Emotional Disorders, including Addictions, Chronic Depression, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and many other emotional disorders.

"All illness is first created in the mind."--Archangel Michael

Among some of what you can expect: Implants, entities, any attachments will be removed, etheric fears will be removed. Your chakra system will be elevated by the light beings, because the ones we have now are outdated. You will experience healing through stargate energies, have your DNA reformulated and upgraded, experience cellular peace and calm and receive blessings from many of the masters and supreme beings at the Temple of Illumination.

She is the author of 3 books from Archangel Michael and the founder of this most revolutionary healing 5thd-12thD healing system, which up until recently was only accessible in the higher dimensional realms. She also certifies healers all over the world in this and other Ascension system given to her by Archangel Michael.

“This is the only healing system which removes the codes which were placed within the human by the Annunaki to limit them.”--Archangel Michael

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Kelly is able to see hear and sense guidance from multiple high frequency light sources in the various bodies in order to assist people with all types of blockages, imbalances, illnesses and disease patterns. During every healing session, Kelly invokes and then channels large numbers of Light Beings, Ascended Masters or Angels to work directly with her and all of her clients. Each session will begin with a protection decree, followed by a review of intake information. During this healing time, if Kelly hears guidance for you personally, she will also channel and share this.

EXPERIENCE CELLULAR HEALING IN THIS MAGNIFIED HEALING SYSTEM GIVEN TO KELLY BY ARCHANGEL MICHAEL IN 2010. This is a super-charged form of magnified healing for body, mind, spirit given to Kelly in 2010 by Archangel Michael to release the physical, mental & emotional blocks/stresses/traumas. She is the founder! Why is this modality is so powerful? The source is Pleiadian-5th D pure love. Some are calling this system the most powerful healing on the planet.


Connect to Higher Consciousness on The Galactic Plane

Why is this modality is so powerful?

The source is Pleiadian-5thD-12D pure love from the Great Central Sun, who preside in this planetary system at the Temple of Illumination

Q: If the world is Ascending Archangel Michael why is there a need for a new revolutionary healing system like Star Healing Intergalactic Energy?TM


Here is a PARTIAL list of some of the health conditions clients have reported relief or elimination with after receiving this amazing energy work--

● Reduction or elimination of skin cancers/tumors bone spurs

● Circulatory disorders

● Clairvoyance enhancement

● Immune system dysfunction

● Allergies, Asthma and other respiratory conditions

● Ringing in the ears

● Soul traumas from abuse and other emotional damage

● Addictions, compulsions, Fears, phobias

● Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

● Body aches and pains including arthritis and slipped discs

● Sleep disturbances,

● Depression, memory loss

● Migraines, gallstones and kidney stones

● Hearing loss, infections, nerve damage

●Overindulgence in food and alcohol

Live sessions are done by phone or skype from anywhere in the world. Once Kelly is notified of your purchase, someone from her office will email you to begin scheduling your time together.

Here is what others have said about this amazing powerful 5thD-12thD New Pleiadian Healing System For the Planet Given to Kelly

It was only 10 min. after my session and my eye glasses seemed too strong for me! Thank you!-Japan

During my first attunement, I saw many visions. One was that all of my internal organs were crystalline and vibrating as such. I AM ONE with God. -- Japan

During my training as a practitioner in second level sessions, I saw elevated light beings many dimensions away or higher than myself who I was told were council members. Second attunements are even MORE powerful that first attunements! - Ko K. Japan

I kept going up in dimensions until I knew and felt I was God!

I had been seeing a square in my eyesight obstructing my vision and since your healing it’s gone!--

All the time during the session Kelly is really there for you. Very kind, solid and without judgement - no words for it. A lot happened and healed. For example many Reptilians’ left my system, not to come back. I had booked a session because of trouble with my dental gums. Once we got to that point I really felt strongly that work on my gums was happening: Kelly saw a structure being made there, I could feel it too. And I saw rubbish being taken out. And I felt: "the Beings who are doing this, do it with só much Love for me, and with so much Respect …” In awe I am. Later Kelly suggested to make a "Star Travel’. I answered that I wasn’t so sure that’s my kind of thing. She replied: „It’s you”. Ahh … ! That was soo clarifying! And then of course, I went! I’m sure it will be different for everyone. For me, among other beautiful experiences, and Kelly guides you well, I saw Atlantis, … Andromeda … and more beautiful Planets… Home Planet ? It doesn’t matter, since home is Source / All. And I met St Germain. He showed me things of great depth. And also the Flame of Divine Love and all my Twin Flames around it - and I knew they’re all here on Earth now. And more, much much more. All 'enlightening’ wisdom, joy and even looks into the possible future. It was a beautiful healing experience. And everything Kelly did, or at least a lot, I could feel, sense and / or see. It was quite magical, strong and very creative. And in a lovely way very practical too.--Door, The Neverlands

This is my first time working with Kelly and doing energetic body work and no words can describe the impact that I felt. With the reading session with AAMichael, the information was in depth and spoke to my being with accuracy and knowing. The guidance given was practical, articulate, and with so much love. As for the 30 min Star Healing Intergalactic session, I physically, emotionally, and visually had encounters with every component Kelly was working on. They even addressed physical ailments that I didn't realize was still prevalent in my body. After the session, I immediately noticed how much lighter, having heightened awareness of surroundings with all my senses, and for the first time feel being “whole” which I have been working on and resolving for many years. The feeling of being broken or the piece of me that was missing was gone. Basically, whatever you have going on, you can be assured it will be addressed. I highly recommend going for a session and have your own experience. I feel so alive and blessed to have the opportunity to cross paths with Kelly. -Justina C.

During my session, I saw some light beings energetically separate my brain, removed what looked like an implanted chip, and then they brought it back together. Amazing!!!--Sandra K.

More powerful than the Reconnection. This is GOD energy.-Linda Pullano

My cancer is gone!--Joan Amatuzio, USA

I could not feel anything but peace and love, this overwhelming love and beauty. I feel the energy is different. This healing is very powerful.—Janet T.

You did healing in me last year. My thyroid is healed I no longer take pills. Prayers n blessings.


I have so much more energy it is amazing (my man bought me a road bike and I have been cycling the last three weekends). I have been much calmer and at peace overall even though I have a very high stress job.


My skin improved in tone and overall appearance; inner knowing and ability to see events of life as Divine play. Pain in the right shoulder resolved.


I experienced immediate pain relief in my left knee. I also feel a significant drop in nerve pain in my legs and feet. I no longer need the shot which I was on to control my hives. This is a HUGE PLUS.


So much lightness and increased clarity following (our session.) I am receiving more information. It is still flowing in light language, geometric shapes, colour and codes. My NEW legs :) lol feel light and stronger. My whole body /mind/ soul/ spirit feels revitalized. I feel triple great! I saw Metatron’s cube, the flower of life, seed patterns and went through star gates--pyramids especially right now the Great Pyramid. !!


My right arm that had surgery is NOT bothering me since my healing. Had my appointment with my surgeon today (after my Star Healing), She was amazed how well my arm had healed. Her words were --"This was to take 6-8 months to heal and you have healed to completion almost in 7 weeks! This is the most POWERFUL healing I have ever experienced. AMAZIING!!! And I have had a few....NEVER like this. I will always be very grateful to you both for what you have done. Bless You.


No sun allergy after my session! Lots of gratitude


Item 2

The power of love and kindness mp3 (Total Value $139)

Total Runtime:60 min.

Spoken in Kelly’s unique healing-voice, you will benefit from her vibration as well as the divine instruction.

Available in an easy to listen to mp3 format!

To continue your way to clearing low frequencies, be guided through loving, immediate love and kindness channeled teaching from Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters

●RECEIVE homework from Archangel Michael and Master Jesus (Sananda) using Love and Kindness as the cornerstone of your abundance.

● UNDERSTAND what Archangel Michael sees as the “petals of love” and how to “tend this most fertile garden.”

● LEARN why this frequency is THE most powerful on Earth

● BECOME part of a global community through collective consciousness to send love and kindness to others/other places

● LEARN how to create and use the love and kindness healing frequencies through the energy of sound, color, numbers (harmonics) and MORE

Item 3

The Power of Spiritual Protection mp3 (Total Value $189)

Total Runtime:120 min.

This channeled audio recording with Kelly’s healing voice, shares over 2 hours of important though seldom talked about, angelic guidance to stay in the light and remain free from interferences. This teaching is important for everyone not just light workers.

●Listen and learn how to recognize entities, attachments and implants

● Learn what a Reptilian or Lizard is

● Listen and learn how they can cause harm in our lives and what to do to stop them

● Be given protection tools by Archangel Michael

● Hear from AAMichael where we are in the unseen battle of light versus dark

● Hear from Archangel Michael what Wave X is and what it means for everyone

● Understand how Gamma Rays are affecting you and our planet

● and much more!

Item 4

Spiritual Mentoring & Coaching Program


Your Frequent Contact/Private or Family Spiritual Mentoring Includes:

● 4 one-hour or 8 half-hour Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching sessions

● sessions via telephone or skype from anywhere in the world

● With MP3 replay recordings

As a spiritual teacher and healer many of my clients have asked for more frequent guidance and support during stressful or transitional times in their lives over the years. In response to this, I began offering a more frequent contact program to meet these needs–whether it is serving as a spiritual mentor and coach or simply viewed as more frequent, ongoing angelic guidance from Archangel Michael or any Ascended Master or Light Being.

Think of these sessions as the “weigh in” time during a weight loss program. When can continued divine support this be useful? Anytime of course! But especially during any transitions in your life–career change, marital changes, health, legal issues, the crossing of a loved one and dealing with grief--and even understanding where you are with the Ascension energies. Quite often, Archangel Michael has asked individuals during an angelic reading to report back later on some of the emotional or spiritual “homework” he has provided them with during a session to help monitor their progress–to help them/you along your path in co-creating your most joyous, abundant life possible. If you have ever worked with Archangel Michael especially, he can be a very grounded, practical guide. Perhaps you would benefit from setting goals and then from hearing regular praise after completing them?

These sessions will be a time to motivate you and perhaps other members of your family as well with positive, direct empowering encouragement to celebrate victories through more difficult times. Perhaps the elements in your life are abundant and thriving but you are looking for spiritual mentoring from the angels and higher realms in understanding religion or if there life after death? Perhaps you have questions about faith, are looking for ways to expand your mission work or looking for insight into how to more effectively pray? You may be instructed to build an altar as some clients have in the past, to help center yourself. Be prepared to do the work as spiritual questions and homework exercises may be presented to you (and family members) during our time together. My goal with these sessions is to help YOU continue to heal your heart, have strategies to transform any negativity quickly and completely, to be the shining light that are you and keep praising you for your perfection!

Each session will raise your vibration as Kelly’s frequency will transmit the angel or master (s) you are working with. Most sessions also begin with or include a powerful blessing and prayers.

Each session will be as unique as your needs, offering what you may need at that moment to experience deeper insight into your own true divine nature, reveal methods of trusting your intuition, expand a skill set if necessary, or change a belief/program. And in doing so, help you develop a deep sense of God/Infinite Mind in everyday life to help you cultivate practices for an abundant life. We ask that this program is redeemed within one year of purchase.

I feel so much love and joy and gratitude for what you did for me and for my life. You have such an incredible gift and I thank Michael from the bottom of my heart for speaking through you. Everything you bring forth is with such clarity that I have no doubt about any of it. You are such a gift to us all! I will recommend you to anyone needing a lift, any kind of help or who is simply interested in enriching their lives. I am so happy I finally got around to connecting with you, Kelly. With so much love and joy

I am a Mother who has struggled with other adults, the public school system, various sports coaches, and other children regarding my Crystalline son who is just trying to be himself, while I on the other hand, tried to mold him into something he was not. I desperately needed spiritual counseling and who better to give it than Archangel Michael. Many parents have gifted Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal and Golden Children and have no idea how to parent them. Some parents buy into societies labels however, I refused. I knew my child was like no other and came directly to earth to help humanity learn kindness. As a parent, I needed guidance so I could better parent him and he is better able to fulfill his life’s purpose. Thank you Kelly for being this genuinely kind and humble witness as Archangel Michael stepped in and helped me out. If any parent is struggling with what others want your child to conform to, I ask that you please get some divine clarity and guidance.

Teresa L.

I am in complete thankfulness and awe about our sessions…In AWE!! It was wonderful confirmation that all of the inner work is leading me on the right path and Oh how Very Very Happy I am that I found you on-line! I cannot thank you enough also for telling me about the Ileo sacral valve, inflammation and enzymes-It is so helpful to know what the problem has been in the past and how it is going to be fixed. Every Homoeopathic I’ve worked with has tried to give m enzymes and they have not worked for me, the body needs to produce them! Many Many Blessing to you and AAM for the blessed light work! for the very deepest part of my being and my heart! Thank you again! The Very Best,

Mary M.

So many changes have happened. I will try to fit it all in here. lol. My confidence level has grown immensely. I don't walk around feeling stupid embarrassed, ashamed, less than or not good enough anymore. I keep meeting more people who are becoming dear friends. I feel so confident with massage. I will be graduating in Nov. Have no idea where I'm going yet but I've asked for help and it will happen. I'm getting better about speaking up not staying silent all the time. I still have a little jealousy and mistrust at home but I am getting better about that. I know it might be silly but a big improvement for me.

All of my life I have never been safely allowed to voice how I feel and I've swallowed a ton of feelings that seem to be bubbling to the surface. I feel as if I am detoxing 46 years of "stuff" I've "stuffed" and covered with food. I feel once it's over my addiction for overeating will be controlled. It's a scary, yet exciting place to be.



Save $100 USD

off one of Kelly’s Upcoming Sacred Journeys to Power Spots in 2019 *with early bird registration

Six years ago Kelly was commanded by Archangel Michael to go to Mt. Shasta, CA a sacred portal and home to Telos, for the first time in preparation for leading future sacred journeys there. Since that time, she has done so, and continues to expand her vision and Archangel Michael’s by offering spiritual retreats in other countries for personal and planetary upgrading. Enrollment is open for Glastonbury and Mt. Shasta now, Italy opens Jan. 1st and space is limited!

Left: Powerful Grotto of St. Michael/ Puglia Region, Italy where the Archangel has appeared

Right: Mt. Shasta, Ca home of Lemuria and the Telosians

● Mt. Shasta CA June 7-9

(with evening event:)

● Glastonbury & Tintagel, UK July 14-23rd

● Assisi and Puglia, Italy Sept. 22-30 in celebration of St. Michael’s Feast Day Sept. 29th

Mention this offer in the subject heading of an email to receive more details or to redeem @

Legal Disclaimer: Kelly Hampton, Healing Enterprises LLC and anyone associated with this work, including her certified Practitioners make no claims, promises, guarantees or warranties and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health issues. You are solely responsible for continuing with your own medical treatment and care.

“No more anxiety or panic attacks.”“No issue of anxiety or panic has come up. I have not felt again the anxiety and anguish; all is more tranquil. Likewise, with the panic attack – it has not repeated, and at my home everything is more calm. No issue of anxiety or panic has come up, for which I am very happy and grateful! In the mornings I awaken very calm, not like before, when I had felt restlessness and sadness.”

“Panic subsided, my intuition increased.”

“More peace and calm, happier, anxiety/ panic subsided, my intuition increased, there were improvements in my clairs and connections My bladder is so much better! Eyesight (astigmatism) may have improved as well.”


“Guilt I carried for years is gone. I am finally living my life for myself.”“I believe star healing intergalactic Energy is a wonderful healing system and I feel it healed my stomach issues and also my emotional issues. I have given up all the guilt and silliness I carried around for years for no reason at all and it has made me a lot more peaceful and joyful. I feel like for the first time in my life I am going to live my life for myself and I think that is one of the healing aspects I got from this star healing was peace in my soul and it really helped liberate me and lead me to my true essence.”

“Insecurities and sadness left with the energy causing my headaches.”
“When I got up after my ½ session, the pain and feeling of “misalignment” in my left leg was gone. When you removed my 4th D layers I felt my insecurities and sadness leaving as you did this. My back was straightened and I felt the energy moving out causing my headaches. I saw and felt gold dust from Archangel Michael’s Golden Umbrella sift into my DNA! I experienced a deep feeling of joy being in Pleaidian energy again!”

“Anxiety is gone, insomnia and digestive issues have gotten better and I’ve lost 15 pounds!”
“Definitely feeling more peace & calm. During the session & ever since, I noticed it was easier to breathe. When Kelly said she was removing the Saran Wrap around me, I instantly felt expanded as if I the “shrink wrap” packaging had been totally removed. This has continued & I feel less sensitive to environmental allergens. The next thing I noticed was how “chilled out” I became. I seem to have a Type A (and lately it was Type A+++!) temperament & after my session, I felt so “laid back” Type B. I always admired how relaxed the Type B’s appeared & wanted to be that easy-going, comfortable & relaxed–and now I am—I’d say 85% of the time! Amazing!! Along the same lines was my issue of harsh & critical self-judgment &subsequently judgment & evaluation of others & their actions. Even though I kept my opinions to myself. I still felt badly for having these feelings & then criticized myself for doing this. It seemed to be almost a reflex behavior as I didn’t set out to be or want to be the evaluator of the world!!Well, that is all GONE!!! I first noticed it within less than 24 hours! This attitude has continued with noticing things, but not going to judgment. I used to awaken nearly every night with varying degrees of anxiety from disorientation to absolute panic. This has completely disappeared. Again, my absolute gratitude!!!!”

“I awaken refreshed & feel I sleep better now. Reduced craving for sugar & carbs. I am also eating no carbs (except those found in low glycemic veggies) & not missing them. I don’t feel any nervous energy around needing to snack or go rummaging for food. Bringing more JOY into my life. Spending my days in more joy-filled activities. Very excited to re-focus on stones & crystals–a lifelong love of mine. I am back to my “get-er-done” mode of operations. I had fallen into such a perfectionist, procrastination state of delaying & anguishing to do things perfectly–and never doing them! Now when I think of starting to postpone, I check myself & say, “just do it” and it is done well–and most importantly, it gets done!!!;) This seems to relate to the releasing of self-judgment. Again, how freeing this is!!!!”

“Have released about 15 pounds since my Star Healing session a month ago. (After one session) My insomnia is very much improved. Digestive problems are very much improved. I do not get acid reflux as frequently as I used to. “


Kelly Hampton


Kelly Hampton is an international Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Mentor, Channel, Medium responsible for amazing transformations with thousands of people around the world through her divinely given light work. Kelly has over twenty years as a spiritual teacher so that every session or lecture she provides is powerful and life changing. Kelly co-creates abundance, prosperity and peace with her clients. She has coached thousands of people individually and has guided many groups of men and women on topics of spirituality, personal growth and transformation with the help of the Angelic, Ascended Masters and Inter-dimensional realms through lectures, training workshops, teleseminars, private and group consultations, her books and CD’s. She is the founder of multiple ground-breaking Ascension healing systems for the planet for people and animals-Star Healing Intergalactic Energy™, Star Healing Small Animals™, Star Healing Equine™, Ascended Spaces™, a powerful system for homes and offices.

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Kelly Hampton

Package - Total Value $1938 

  1. 60min Star Healing Intergalactic  Energy Private Healing Session
  2. The power of love and kindness mp3
  3. The power of spiritual protection mp3
  4. 4hrs of Individual or Family Spiritual Mentoring for One Year
  5. Bonus - Sacred Journey - $100 discount