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27 Videos, 6 MP3s & 1 PDF - Total Runtime: 5 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Item 1 - Preparing for the Star Light
  • Item 2 - The Angel Clearings
  • Item 3 - Receiving Light & Expanding your capacity to hold Light
  • Item 4 - The Star Gateways
  • Bonus - Stardust CD

Why? - since Ancient Times & Earliest Men - do we gaze at the Stars above with vast wonder? Why do we naturally yearn for the Stars and reach out for them? Why do the smallest children know that Heaven is Above? Many age-old monuments were driven by our fascination with the heavens...Giza Plateau in Egypt, Stone Henge, Teotihuacan Pyramid Plaza ... the Three Mesas of the Hopis and many, many more relics of long gone civilizations reflect the immense significance of the glimmering stars. 

Ancient stone circles and pyramid locations captured important celestial alignments. At these sacred times, the ancients prayed at their "observatories" - listening to the silent voices of their gods – speaking through the star light. Celestial vibrations. During special alignments of the stars, great sages and seekers absorbed the cascading fragments of star waves and heavenly currents. These sacred sites harvested special energies when the "Star Gates" were opened at equinoxes, solstices and special astronomical alignments. They knew that these Star Energies had great powers.

Why do we instinctively try to understand the nature and the origin of our Universe? Did you know that just about every chemical element building block in our bodies was first forged in the Stars? There is something deep within our natures revealed here! Our souls yearn for the fullest reunion with the higher energy from the stars. If you want to learn more about this timeless attraction to the heavens and the valuable secrets that you can discover & USE, listen to Jill Mattson's Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal Path to the Stars.

Jill Mattson is a tireless researcher who combines her deep spirituality with her immense knowledge of Sound Energy and Ancient Societies together with cutting edge Modern Science to produce unique techniques and information that can be used by almost anyone - often to their profound benefit and health.

In her latest work Cosmic Realms ~ A Personal Path to the Stars, Jill shows us how the earliest peoples opened Star Gates to contact Higher Beings and to tap into their Celestial Energies. In information that greatly predates the past Ice Age, Mattson has assembled an amazing mosaic of how earliest humans contacted Divine Entities - associated with special powerful Stars in the Zodiac. Just like certain prehistoric tribes, many of us today feel a natural link to particular Stars in the heavens... want to know if your forefathers came from Sirius or Pleiades, perhaps Orion? Listen in on Jill's interview on October 1st. Better yet, schedule a personal session with Jill where she will help you discover your stellar roots. 

Star Gates

After exhaustive research, Mattson has discovered what she terms Star Gates, which are personalized paths that anyone can use to access Divine Beings. Stepping back, when the earliest Divine Entities - some would say Arch Angels - first separated from the ONE, they took the first steps ever toward Involution into our physical universe and into Individualism. These newly freed Divine Ones - over countless eons - became associated with unique places in the Universe or Zodiac. And whether the Star Systems were already there or whether the Stars formed around the Divine Energy that took up residence in this piece of the heavens is unclear. The key point is that certain Entities became connected to certain Stars or Star Systems. After the passage of more uncounted ages, the Divine Ones created children... and these children are our distant fathers and mothers. These first born were much more involved into matter than their Masters... The Children of Angels or Shining Ones ultimately spread their seed across the universe... eventually populating our humble planet. We are truly Star Children. And our deepest instincts and our noblest drives yearn to return to our heavenly roots. The heavens are alive. We thread our way back home through the constellations and their stars. To utilize our stairway to heaven we need not wait any longer... Jill Mattson shows us how to contact this Ascended Divine Star Energy and how to improve our lives and ourselves tremendously. Today - through Star Gates.

Mattson's Star Gates are detailed techniques and tools that put us in direct connection with Ascended Energetic Beings. Some of the secrets and initiations to the higher energies of the stars include: Powerful Sigils and Cosmic Seals (as described in Revelations) linked to the Stars. Mind control and meditation rites. Sound Codes, astounding ancient information and unique Crystal Instruments - and much more.

An Ancient Story

When the Shining Ones planted their seed on the Earth, they left important clues and information for us to discover. The first peoples of Earth - the First Men - were very enlightened and not so far removed from the Divine as we eventually became. They quickly interpreted the secrets left behind by the Masters and they built magnificent civilizations. This was a true Gilded Age and it endured for many centuries. These ages were much further back in time that modern scholars will admit ... the records are nearly all buried.

However, for reasons that we do not entirely understand, the Great Humans (or maybe the Giants or Elves or Aliens or however you want to imagine them) declined. They almost entirely disappeared with the onset of the last Ice Age (the last Ice Age began about 115,000 years ago and lasted to about 11,000 years ago). An interesting aside: Atlantis is just one of the last outposts of these races of Great Man. Ultimately, there was a small line of humans that survived. These were our direct ancestors. The wonderful part is: many secrets from our early Human predecessors survived!

Fortunately, there were dedicated priests and mystic societies that maintained the flame passed on by the Original Earthlings - sons of the Divine Ones. This information was kept as a verbal tradition as man struggled to survive. Eventually, drawings and writings were made from the closely guarded tales. We find the first traces of this information in several ancient civilizations around the same time. These ancient powerful practices are brought forth for our use today to advance our energies and consciousness in very remarkable ways. 

The Ancient Egyptians made drawings known as Sigils on the walls and tapestries of their temples. Around the globe, enlightened Ancient Tribes - retained secret information from the great fore fathers. The clues are difficult to find but with perseverance these treasures are attainable.

Deep within the teachings of the Dogone tribe in western Africa, is testament that they are descendants of the Egyptians, and ultimately of evolved beings from Sirius. The Walbiri tribe of Australian Aborigines claim they are direct descendants of beings from Sirius. The Sumerian Book of Kings describes the “shining ones”, from Sirius. Connections to the star Sirius are central to the Isis and Osiris myths in ancient Egypt. 

Many civilizations across the world refer to the star Sirius in strikingly similar ways, suggesting a worldwide connection to this star. The Chinese refer to Sirius as the Celestial World. North American Indians (Seri, Tohono and Oodhams) link it to a sheep dog. The Black Foot tribe know Sirius as the Dog Face. The Cherokees represent Sirius and Antares as the Dog Star Guardian for all Souls. The Pawnee Indians call this star the Wolf Star and others believe it to be the Coyote Star. In Assyria and Akkadia, Sirius was the "Dog of the Sun.” The Alaskan Intuits believe this star the Moon Dog. The Chaldeans (of present day Iran) say Sirius is The Dog that Leads. Sirius is well known as the Dog Star, because it's the chief star in the constellation Canis Major, the Big Dog. Dogs symbolize guidance, protection, loyalty, fidelity, faithfulness, watchfulness, and love. 

Many people are deeply attracted to other dominant stars: Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion and more. The constraint is that humans can only connect to several stars at one time and still be able to integrate and utilize the star energies. In time more star connections will be released to the divine energies of the Zodiac, enabling us to achieve archetypical masteries similar to Gilgamesh and Hercules. 

The star Regulus is the most powerful of the Kingly/Royal Stars. In Arabia, this star was called the Kingly One; the ancient Greeks referred to Regulus as the Star of the King. Akkadians knew this star as The King of the Celestial Sphere who ruled before the Great Flood

Regulus’s energy takes your focus from your personal life to a much larger scope. As light workers evolve, they become increasingly more effective in “lighting” larger segments of humanity. Regulus amplifies our abilities to uplift more people and the Earth itself. Regulus magnifies the power of Love & Freedom. Regulus is the heart of Leo, the Lion. Regulus supports “your inner child” to mature, heal and purify. We should be like little children (in our hearts) to enter the gates of heaven.

The star, Talithi Kumi, is in the front right paw of Ursa Major. In India the 7 stars of Ursa Major are known as the Rishis, associated with the first ray of will and power. These stars radiate masculine energy.

Talithi Kumi takes the powerful energies of Sirius and Regulus and directs them to your personal life. Energy of this star gate may eliminate your pain, but it will leave with you the deeper understanding of problems and open you to the successful mastery of lessons. Ancient Sages believed that this star gate empowers healers to perform continuous Spiritual Healings, even from remote locations. 

Jesus uses the command Talitha Kum in a miracle. Mark 5:22-23 (New American Standard Bible) “One of the synagogue officials named Jairus came up, and on seeing Him, fell at His feet and implored Him earnestly, saying, “My little daughter is at the point of death; please come to her and lay Your hands on her, so that she will get well and live.” Taking the child by the hand, He said to her, “Talitha kum! (which means little girl, I say to you, get up.”) 

This brings us to Mattson's work today. Using voluminous sources, she has put together a personal program to guide you to the Stars. Please if you are interested in reaching your deepest interstellar roots listen in on Jill's interview. Discover Cosmic Realms ~ Your Personal Path to the Stars.

What is Offered?

Through over 5 hours of videos, Mattson takes you step-by-step through her Star Gates. Introductory information begins the journey and from here it goes to new mind control/meditation techniques and Ancient Sigils depicted in Sound Codes. See powerful images and Sigils that can lift you up just by gazing at them. (Ancient Masters said; Ascension could be achieved in thousands of lifetimes or perhaps just one if you viewed sacred geometries, such as the Yantra, intensely.) Receive waves of Ascended Star Energies to expand your Consciousness plus Light Bodies that are both required for Ascension. 

We are all on the Ascension Path. These teachings, Initiations and Energies support our next steps. Here is important assistance for your personal cosmic voyage. 

Mattson has also located two unique "Crystal Instruments" which can greatly enhance your Star Gate experience. She has designed and sourced a special 528 Hertz Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork. This is a one-of-a-kind instrument. The tuning fork is a delicate but precision tool for effortlessly creating the vibrational frequency of 528. 

Benefits of the Star Gate Connections

Our earliest ancestors knew the importance of their star roots. We need only consider the remarkable efforts they expended in building the fantastic monuments that still exist today. These wonders were constructed with Herculean efforts - to capture the blessed Star energy at the optimum moments. 

Further, they kept closely guarded records of the secrets that were passed to them from the distant past. Ceremonies are still conducted today by many aboriginal tribes... calling on the power and intervention of their particular Star God...

Now, you too can share the wonderful benefits that still are in existence in the Cosmic Realms by utilizing Jill Mattson's Star Gates.

Benefits of connecting to Sirius Star Energies

The Ascended Beings from Sirius are known as the Guardians and protectors of your soul. Energy that enters this universe is said to come through Sirius, as if this star is a Higher Dimensional Gateway. Some have referred to it - as the birth canal of this universe. In any interpretation, Sirius brings a light and a brilliance that cannot be extinguished.

Sirius is known as the watery blue star and is believed to be the home of the souls of the dolphins and whales. These beautiful souls channel unconditional love to Planet Earth. The dolphins show us playfulness and joy. The ascended beings of Sirius are called the Blue People. Sirius is associated with highly advanced spiritual technology.

Since ancient times, Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, was believed to bestow many benefits:

  • Initiates us into & strengthens Christ Energy and Consciousness
  • Opens our consciousness and deep chambers of our hearts to embrace more & greater Love
  • Strengthens & expands our Antahkarana (conduit of energy between our mind and higher levels of understanding and perception/consciousness. The Antahkarana is a Sanskrit word for "Rainbow Bridge".)
  • According to Alice Bailey & Theosophy – Connection to Sirius not only strengthens our Antahkarana, but can awaken interactions with the Monad.
  • Opens our Heart Merkaba/Portal to allow our light bodies and consciousness to expand
  • Brings the energy of Liberation and Freedom to this planet
  • Bestows the Energy for Mastery of a Challenge (for example, challenges  depicted in Gilgamesh & Hercules)
  • Provides Ancestral Healing, clearing of negative energy debris and transmutes negative karma
  • Awakens the Higher Mind
  • Releases/diminishes bonds of duality and connection to materiality
  • Opens “Sleeping Star Consciousness” within. This enables us to stop seeking answers outside of ourselves but to look within 

Benefits of connection with the Star Regulus

Regulus strengthens whatever is in focus. It can be used to amplify the energy of Sirius. Regulus strengthens Love, Christ Consciousness and the Energy of Freedom. Regulus is the most powerful Royal Star in the sky. Ascended Energy from Regulus is multifaceted in its rewards:

  • Supports abundance
  • Heals and nurtures the energy of your Inner Child 
  • Lifts you above your personal world to enter your ultimate destiny: greater world service and/or leadership 
  • Enhances the energies of Love and Freedom on a worldwide scope
  • Expands your Consciousness and Light Bodies
  • Empowers long distance healing and uplifting for all the earth to overcome major catastrophes
  • Supports worldwide healing and growth

Benefits of connection with Talitha Kumi

  • This Ascended Star Energy purifies and offers energies of Will, Power and Masculine Energies
  • Converts the Energies of Sirius & Regulus for personal reach and use during your everyday life
  • Enhances your material world – for abundance in every way
  • Removes personal Pain (but not the lesson gained)
  • Magnifies your understanding of physical and spiritual maladies

Special Offer

Total Value Over $500 - Special Offer $97

27 Videos, 6 MP3s & 1 PDF - Total Runtime: 5 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Item 1 - Preparing for the Star Light
  • Item 2 - The Angel Clearings
  • Item 3 - Receiving Light & Expanding your capacity to hold Light
  • Item 4 - The Star Gateways
  • Bonus - Stardust CD


Item 1 - Preparing for the Star Light
Introduction & Instructions to start the Cosmic Realms Video Series– 13:37 Minutes 
An introduction: Why connect with the Stars, What stars did the Ancient peoples select? What type of connections can we expect to receive from the stars? Important… watch this video first!
All about Sirius – 26 Minutes
Learn about our interwoven energies coming from many stars, Most of us have history with numerous star systems. Understand the resonance and frequency attraction between special stars and the Earth. Discover the benefits of the star, Sirius. Learn the fascinating ancient myths, legends and allegories about Sirius, coming from Africa, the Americas, the Chinese and ancient Egyptians.  Learn about the path most people on Earth take after ascension – the path of Sirius. 
Foundations Video – Sound Basics! - 1 Hour!
  • Learn about Resonance and how you receive the frequencies you want in your life - to get what you want!
  • Learn how energy works, so you can manage it better
  • Learn about harmonics, the most over looked but extraordinarily powerful component of frequencies
  • Identify surprising root causes of issues – so after healing your problems, they do not re-ignite
  • Identify frequencies of our astrology, body parts and emotions & how to use them
  • Absorbing white light and its component colors
  • Pendulums for energy healing
  • Healing from different Dimensions
  • Clearing Chakra Layers

Total almost 2 hours
Item 2 - The Angel Clearings
The Angels Triumvirate – Clearing Karma, Releasing Pain and Purifying Negativity – 16 Minutes
Learn about the three Angels that have teamed up to clear karma, pain and negativity for mankind!
Arch Angel Zaphkiel – Channeling & Energy Treatment – 8 Minutes
Arch Angel Zaphkiel has a channeled message just for YOU! Also receive and Energy Treatment from this high Being!
Channeling & Energy Blessings from Arch Angel Jeremiah – 5 minutes
Listen to Channeled Words of Arch Angel Jeremiah & His Energy Treatment
Zachariel – Channeling for YOU and Energy Treatment! – 8:30 Minutes
Zachariel, the Angel of the Powers with the solar Flame, teams up with the Angels Triumvirate to cleanse your energies in this healing session.
Sigil Attunement & Connections for Zachariel – 3 Minutes
Listen to the Zaphkeil’s Sigil in sound, view the shape and establish connection with this Angel!
Sigil Attunement & Connection for Zaphkiel– 3.5 Minutes
Listen to the Zaphkeil’s Sigil in sound, view the shape and establish connection with this Angel!
Sigil Attunement & Connection for Jeremiah – 3:5 Minutes
Listen to Jeremiah’s Sigil in sound, view the shape and establish connection with this Angel!

Total About 1 Hour
Item 3 - Receiving Light & Expanding your capacity to hold Light
Star & Light Language Activations! – 8 Minutes
A guided Meditation with Light Languages to activate important subtle energy centers in your body! Receive these activations from the stars – encoded within the Light Languages. Listen to sounds of Dolphins, Whales and Stars, embellishing the activations!
Healing with the Energy of Sirius - 6:30 Minutes
Combining Star and Earth Energies for illumination & Grounding, to help you anchor and integrate the High Energy of the Stars into your Life! Listen to the beautiful Crystal Nightingale radiate throughout the guided meditation. 
Connecting your Heart to Sirius Conscious – 6:20 Minutes 
Energy of Sirius to provide Deep Healing. In this guided meditation connect to the High Powerful Energy of Sirius, Regulus and Kalithi Kumi Stars and download this powerful energy into your Chakras and Light Body!
Merkabah Purification - 10:33 Minutes
Use the gateway portal of a merkabah to release negative energy and fill up with powerful & uplifting Light!
The Celestial Flames – 9:20 Minutes
 Experience the ancient practice of the “Celestial Flames” handed down verbally to early man, tuning healing & purifying!
The Activation & Etheric Gift for the Heart – 6:40 Minutes
Connect with the Divine Mother to receive the etheric gift of the Diamond Heart – for Love & Protection.
The Sirius Spiral – 9:14 Minutes
Use methods from our VERY ancient forefathers to open the crown chakra and tie into a spiral of High Energy from Sirius – lighten up!
Unify Higher Energies – 9:51 Minutes
This process creates energy that acts like a force field (must be done for at least 2 weeks to be extraordinarily powerful). This process merges and unifies your energy for clear contact and downloads from the Higher Realms of the Stars. 
Earth and Sky Meditation – 2 Minutes
Use liquid golden and ruby red flames to balance Earth & Star Energies. 
Ignite your Merkabah and go to Sirius, Regulus & Talithi Kumi – 8 Minutes
Use the ancient technique to ignite your merkabah, a divine light vehicle used by Ascended Masters to connect those in tune with the Higher Cosmic Realms and the Stars. 

Total About 1.5 Hours
Item 4 - The Star Gateways
  1. Sirius Star Gate & Light up Preparations – 30 Minutes
This video increases your light to download the high energies of Sirius. It begins with the Elohim Breath – to provide energy like a halo around your head. Next it progresses to open your heart, with an ancient chant designed to massage your heart and light body with the light and love of Sirius. This comes from the ancient Hebrew tradition and is in an ancient language of light. The Ascended Beings of Sirius channel to you with a special message and energy. A guided Meditation takes you up to the Sirius Star Gates. Finally enjoy a “sound” connection to the Higher Realms of Sirius!
  1. Sirius Gateway Experience - 6 Minutes 
Experience the Gateway Frequencies & receive their benefits on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of the Sirius Star!
  1. Regulus Myths & the Ancient Zodiac – 13 Minutes 
How did ancient people understand the energy and beings from Regulus? Why did they revere & love this star. Learn about the ancient Zodiac (before the last Ice Age) versus the current zodiac. Hear the myths and understand the benefits of the Energy of the Beautiful Star, Regulus. 
  1. Regulus Star Gate & Light up Preparations – 20 Minutes 
 Ancient preparatory exercises to integrate more light, followed by a channeled messaged from Ascended Beings from Regulus Star, a guided mediation to transport you to this regal realm and finally a Gateway Experience to Regulus
  1. Regulus Gateway Experience – 6:20 Minutes
Experience the Gateway Frequencies on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of Regulus Star!
  1. Talithi Kumi: Myths & Benefits - 2 Minutes  
Understand ancient people’s fascination with the star! Find out how Jesus used Talitha Kumi for healing!
  1. Talitha Kumi Gateway Experience – 7 Minutes
Experience the Gateway Frequencies on several layers to connect you to the Ascended Realms of Talitha Kumi Star!

Total About 1. 5  Hours
Sample - Always
Star Dust – The original music in Star Dust is derived from the motion and chemistry of the Heavenly Spheres. Jill Mattson employs a technique transposing the motion and orbits of the planets into audible and hauntingly beautiful sounds – the “music of the Spheres”.  She also adds components based on the Celestial Elements – material literally made in the Stars.  Cleverly combined with the heavenly music are intonations based on techniques from the ancient Chinese masters.  These masters learned how to capture and realize the subtle energy that comes from the Stars.  Their music negates Astrological challenges and adds blessings from the subtle energy of the Stars.
Jill studied the work of Hans Cousto and utilized his methods to derive the frequencies of the Earth, Sun and Planets.  She increased the frequencies of these celestial bodies by successive octaves until the sound was in the range audible to the human ear.  These frequencies were then recorded as a component of all the Star Dust tracks.  Similar techniques were used to add the frequencies for the elements: Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon and Nitrogen to Star Dust.  These happen to be the most plentiful elements in the Stars and the most plentiful elements in our bodies!   We truly are one with the entire Universe.
Star Dust consists of original scores entirely written and performed by Jill Mattson.  The collection features complex music strewn with beneficial vibrations from the heavens and from ancient masters. The net effect is harmonic music with intriguing multidimensional frequencies.  There is a wonderful embedded sound that resembles wind chimes, with pitches unable to be heard on our musical instruments of today.  The additional complexity due to the Planet tones gives great peacefulness & helps take us back to our heavenly roots.
  1. Always (4:30)
  2. Children (6:20)
  3. Peace (8:00)
  4. It’s Time to Go (7:54)
  5. David’s Song (10:00)
  6. You’re in the Air (5:45)
  7. Softly Sleeping (3:45)
  8. You’re in Me (9:00)


In Ancient Sounds Modern Healing I learned a lot. ! When I first thought of the idea of the alignment of the planets at the time of birth etc... I had no idea that it was already being done! I could not put your book down after I started reading it. I had researched most of the people that you had interviewed for your book, but you got to the important parts nicely! It was very informational and just what I was looking for!

Lyn Fitzgerald

When I listened to Stardust while I wrote it, tears where streaming down my face towards the end.  Thank you for such beautiful, moving music.   I sense that the music just flows through you, perhaps more through you than of you, though I am sure you have much to do with it.  It reminds me of what Jesus said, "It is not I, but the Father who acts through me."   Mike C 

Mike C

I felt swirls of rainbow light energy swirling around my whole entire body. Very powerful.
Jill's Attunement Sounds add more and more Light into my body. And I felt Light come into my body during your talk. The content couldn’t be better.  Nothing could be better.


Saw sacred geometry images when I closed my eyes. Soles of my feet are tingly. Sarah K Omg. If we listen to these 1 full day, we are going to find wings in our backs. Awesomely awesome. That was so beautiful. I felt like I was swimming peacefully underwater and then I started to sing a spontaneous song — 'We have forgotten who we are, it is time to remember'.


Thank you so much for those healing sounds and songs. The have inspired within me a rejuvenation renascence. As a little kid I have been abducted by MILAB operations then blank slated. This left horribly deep pockets of PTSD that I am now dealing with. The hardest part is you can't remember what you PTSD because of the blank slating. However the Flower Symphonies are extracting my PTSD and unknown toxic emotions. By far the most effective treatment I have yet come across in my work. Absolutely brilliant.



Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing!  She has also produced nine musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four - time author. (Crystal Realms CD – Best Sound Healing CD of 2017, Best Overall Music (popular Vote and Industry Leader’s Choice – Gold Awards), The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  Jill has participating in many hundreds of teleseminars, radios shows, and magazines! She offers an online Sound (& Color) Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound and color! Free music & School of Sound Healing at www.jillswingsoflight.com

Package Value $500 - Special Offer - $97

27 Videos, 6 MP3s & 1 PDF - Total Runtime: 5 Hours, 15 Minutes
  • Item 1 - Preparing for the Star Light
  • Item 2 - The Angel Clearings
  • Item 3 - Receiving Light & Expanding your capacity to hold Light
  • Item 4 - The Star Gateways
  • Bonus - Stardust CD