Grace G Hom

Special Offer
July 2020

Package A - Special Offer - $110

Four live Light Language classes on zoom:
Galactic Light Languages - August 7
Elemental Light Languages - August 14
Angelic Light Languages - August 21
Gaia’s Light Languages - August 28

Package B - Special Offer - $257

ITEM 1 - Everything in Package A
ITEM 2 - 30 Min Personal Session with Grace

Light Language & DNA Activations

Package A

Special Offer $110

Package A

This life changing offer comprises of four 75-minute classes, each designed to activate different gifts to support your personal evolution which will also support the collective evolution of humanity.
Using Light Language and Light Alchemy, these four classes guide you to activate your potential so that you can continue to evolve and access Higher Dimensions of your own being while also accessing Higher Dimensions of consciousness to co-create an awesome reality.
You’ll be guided to access information from your Akashic records to help you remember your gifts.
The four classes are on:
Galactic Light Languages
Elemental Light Languages
Angelic Light Languages
Gaia’s Light Languages
By the end of the four classes, you’ll be familiar with many light languages and also be able to speak a few yourself.
The classes are on Fridays, August 7, 14, 21 and 28
(10 am pacific, 11 am mountain, 12 noon central and 1pm eastern)
All classes are on zoom and will have replays available.

Package B

Special Offer $257

Package B includes everything in Package A

Package B comes with everything in Package A as well as a 30-minute private session with Grace. 
About private sessions with Grace:
You get to have your own private 1 on 1 session with Grace for 30 minutes. 
(Schedule is filled until November)
Sessions with Grace is fun and life changing.  You get to heal your personal issues from the root, receive activations that are appropriate to you and receive life-enhancing programs and downloads that are calibrated to meet you where you’re at.

Medical and Therapeutic Treatment Disclaimer

Grace G. Hom is not a medical doctor nor does she diagnose any illness or prescribe medication of any kind. All modalities and treatments referred to by Grace G. Hom, and the Site such as energy healing, raising vibration, DNA activations, subconscious reprogramming, imprinting, and all other recommendations, techniques and materials are not to be construed as medical or psychological advice. Please do not use any information, treatments, services or products provided on the Site as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have or suspect that you have a health or therapeutic issue, please consult a licensed doctor, therapist or counselor.


It’s the first time I receive this level of love, support and respect!

I am absolutely blown away by this.  I have never even heard of a Bagua and when I listened to the one on self-love and acceptance, I instantly felt a shift in all areas of my life. I know there is no way to return to the way I was before.  This is the final shift I have been looking for!I am a healer and so much more but I was not able to step out and make money, nor was I able to receive love due to fears and insecurities.After watching your video on the bagua and self-love and acceptance, I offered a free healing and the feedback was incredible!  Someone reached out to gift me money and gifts!  It’s the first time I receive this level of love, support and respect!  Everything is falling into place as I feel comfortable and confident in creating a website and a fulfilling business in all ways.  Eternal gratitude and blessings to you, Jade, for your contribution.  You have opened up a part in me I knew was there but couldn’t access! - Jennifer Funt

My session with Jade was a great one. I was having an allergic reaction to something and Jade cleared the inflammation that made my face red. My hot skin cooled down and stopped itching. She found some deep-hidden issues related to my family. It's always good to get an outside eye to look in on family issues. Jade made connections I hadn't thought of, and cleared what was not in my favour. I felt light and peaceful by the end and this feeling has continued. Jade was excellent at tuning in quickly and finding - then clearing - the energetic blocks. - Sophia Zoe

"I felt relaxed, calm, loved, seen, and cared for during the session. Jade worked on my teeth and gums, which had been troubling me for many years. She scanned my entire body, energizing and helping to improve a number of areas I needed help with, including my prostate, the Ph balance of my digestive system, my anti inflammatory response, as well as a few other areas.

I have been sleeping consistently through the night since our session 2 weeks ago instead of having to get up to urinate 2 or 3 times. Wow! Amazing work!" - Gary Pincus, M.A.

I was attracted to Jade just for working on my eyes and experienced soooo much more! Jade worked on my C2, left eye pain and even a tooth that were all connected to the eyes. I have been putting in multiple hours in front of the computer and my eyes were getting fatigued. I took a nap after our session and was then up most of last night... no blurry eyes or fatigue like I would normally experience! Jade mentioned my ancestral and womb experiences. She pinpointed an upset at approximately 6-8 weeks in utero... the result being that I felt like I was not seen, not heard and when I was born that I did not feel well received and loved. What Jade picked up on was when my father was suddenly drafted and was to be sent immediately to the Front in a war zone. Jade released the childhood grief for the loss of the childhood that I could have had. My mother did not believe in holding babies... she felt like this would spoil us some how... Talk about not feeling seen, loved, received or respected! Wow… Then Jade traced the feelings of not being well received and love to a core issue from my maternal genetic line... going back 8-9 generations. Not feeling loved and a pattern of the heart not being in the body... After she shifted the generational patterns, which she transformed by the Light... Jade said there were too many to name... I told her the story of my maternal grandmother being a burden on her parents... just one more mouth to feed... so at 6 years of age her father attempted to drown her in the pond with her mother standing on the shore... NOT attempting to stop him! My heart ached and felt completely closed down & restricted. Then suddenly the ache disappeared and I had an intense rush of energy throughout my entire body... waves upon waves of energy... In fact I am reliving that experience as I write this review 24 hours later!!! Healing is once again being transmitted! Thank you, Jade! - Peg Rose

healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues

I have said that as long as I have a penny to my name, I will continue healing sessions with Jade.  I call her “The Healer of Healers.”  I am 74 years old and have worked with many gifted lightworkers over the last 40 years.  Since working with Jade, I have experienced profound and rapid changes in all aspects of my life.  Most profound in this recent time has been the healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues.  Emotional underpinnings were removed instantaneously.  

Currently, I also work closely with a licensed holistic chiropractor who checks my nutrition requirements monthly.  I was taking eleven different supplements and after one session with Jade, I no longer needed six of them and the dosage was cut in half for the remaining five!  Most issues with my thyroid have completely cleared.  In relation to my pancreas, I no longer have any cravings for sugar or sweets of any kind.  I also experienced an instantaneous clearing of candida from my body along with many insights about the origin of this condition.  On the same day following the session with Jade, I had an appointment with my chiropractor who tested for candida and found no indications of candida remaining in my body.  I am so grateful to Jade for her miraculous work.  She is such a gentle, loving, and compassionate healer. - Renee E.

Jade, I truly loved my healing session with you, it’s amazing to me how much can be worked on in such a short amount of time.  Less than 24hrs after my session I could feel real results.
I came to Jade with a litany of problems: chronic fatigue, skin and fungal issues, tightness in my chest, severe digestive issues due to incredible amounts of stress over that past four years and more.
I had lost both of my brothers at a young age to heart attacks,  and had taken on the burden of my family and more.
One of the first things Jade worked on was the miasms related to heart issues, the tightness immediately disappeared and the cough I had loosened up, and as of today has disappeared. I’m breathing more freely now.  I only had about 5 hrs of sleep overnight, worked a 10hr day, and I still have more energy left at the end of my day then after a full nights sleep.  I feel there is more of a flow of energy coursing through my body.
Most of my issues were related back to 23 generations of abusive patterns that needed to be cleared.  How can you quantify having that cleared?  It’s priceless to be free of burdens and ties that were never mine to begin with.  
Jade, I am deeply touched by your generous loving spirit, your insights are so spot on, you tuned into every problem within my physical body without my help.  What I’m most impressed about is your Authenticity.  That word is used a lot these days, but most people could take a lesson from you, because YOU ARE IT.
Much Love and Gratitude. - Maria G. of Florida

Release of Old Patterns that were Contrary to Implementing my Vision

I was blessed to recently receive a 20 minute session with Jade to work on sight. Jade is gentle, compassionate, has a beautiful laugh and sense of humour, is able to tap into multi-dimensions and knows when to articulate what she is working on and perceiving and also when defining multi-dimensions through words is ineffectual. When Jade worked on my eyes, I felt a definite tightening of the muscles around the eye area. Jade also worked through all the meridians, as she did so I could feel the energy moving in the organ/meridian she was working with, and often at the same time, the next organ to be worked on. When Jade worked on the spine, the energy was gentle, yet profound. Jade identified and set in motion the release of old patterns that were contrary to implementing my vision. She was also able to identify the importance of love and beauty in my life. Since our session, I find myself making more choices that are self-nurturing and, after many years, again exploring how my vision can best be created and expressed. If you have the opportunity to work with Jade, please take it, as Jade is a definite gift. - Karen B.

Three Week old injury to knee – pain gone 14 hours later

"My major mal-adjustment at this time was a 3 week old injury to my knee. For the entire 3 weeks, my knee would pop and crack with almost every step. Often during the day, and during the night, I was awakened frequently when it felt like a hot poker was being shoved under my knee cap. It was excruciating pain. Further investigation into my knee brought up the possibility of reoccurring injuries from past lives? Jade also isolated several past injuries: my lower back and arm without my mentioning them to her! Miraculous!!! What I found amazing was I found that my knees began to feel nicely warm.. like I was putting a warm salve on it when Jade was doing energy healing on it. I rested for 30 mins and upon standing upright, I discovered that I no longer feel like I was going to fall down immediately. It felt better than it had in a week. 14 hours later - I am stacking firewood with little to no pain! Thank you, Jade - Keith O.

Received an Unexpected Check for $250, and another $1,000

Jade quickly finds what issues I have been dealing with and it’s almost spooky how accurate she is. I am truly grateful for her wonderful abilities and her sincere intention to help heal. I am especially grateful to keep playing and going over all the MP3's. I have been noticing small miracles in the last month. I received an unexpected check for $250 which was a big help also a friend who owes me money contacted me gave me $1000 which I was so very thankful for. Thank you Jade for your wonderful work! - Trevor Thomson

HUGE and DEEP Energy Shifts

I am lucky to have had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G session with Jade. I feel stuckness in major areas of life that I shared with her to work on. I have my eyesight/vision issues, relationship issues and stuckness in career/finances. When Jade worked on me I felt HUGE and DEEP energy shifts. The energy she brought in was so profound and powerful and it REACHED all those areas of my body where I feel blockages. Especially when she worked on my eyesight, the energy gushed into and out of my toes. I never felt such energy movement in my toes before. Jade's 21 days money, magic & miracle audios have deeply changed my perspectives toward money and the related concepts. Thank you so much Jade.Love you - Leenah Rahul

Healing a Generational Pattern: “Cruelty in Love”

This week I had a one-on-one with Grace Hom and we worked on clearing out my lingering cough, she discovered an issue in my stomach and picked up on a generational pattern in my family "cruelty in love" which I experienced from day one. I spoke to my father today for the first time in a long while and it's the first time we didn't argue. She also caught a couple of issues without my mentioning them. And she helped me finish healing the nerve damage in my hands. Love her laugh. I definitely recommend her package including the one-on-one. - Bernadette Sava, Los Angeles

My Back is Much Straighter

I have osteoarthritis and lately my legs feel so heavy and I feel like when I walk my lower back is sore and feels like the top part of my body was leaning forward.  After my Spinal Energetics session with Grace, in the last few days I can straighten my lower back while walking and I don’t feel like I am leaning forward. I notice my back is much straighter. Thank you. - Ansila Cullen, New Zealand

She Gave me a Second Chance to Life and Joy

Since the traumatic birth of my daughter 5 years ago, I’ve been in and out of hospitals. One more devastating and traumatic experience after another. With pain levels out of this world. I’ve seen so many healers and they were all good. But nothing compared to the Spinal Energetics session I had with Grace G Hom. It was so strong; I was knocked out. I almost lack words. 24 hours later and I still have a tinkling sensation in the back of my neck going up my cranium. I’ve cried today in release of all the hurt, grief and pain my soul and body has been through. My hips have loosened up - my head feels taller and free. My shoulders are more relaxed then they have been for years. I am truly astonished, as I feel she gave me a second chance to life and joy. I am profoundly grateful and have nothing but raving words and full confidence about Grace’s abilities. Thank you. - Anya Chana Schwartzberg, Energy Healer

Suppleness in Both Muscles and Bones

My spine, neck and hips go out of alignment constantly and I go to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week.  During the Spinal Energetics session with Grace, I feel warm and cool energy streaming through my whole body. Now I feel suppleness in both my muscles and bones. And I am feeling happier!

I listen a lot to the group calls with Grace, every day for the teeth and gums. Grace always go to the root of the issues. - Elly, The Netherlands

Lots of Releases, Burning in Shoulders Gone

I felt lots of releases and shifting throughout the Spinal Energetics session with Grace, especially in my neck/shoulders.  I've been in several accidents and even though I've worked on it often and do body work, certain activities bring the pain back on.
I felt also lots of releases with the 1st trimester in-utero clearing.   Something released from behind my left knee with a quick sharp pain and then was gone.  The forceps birth was another big release for me.   My whole body feels much more relax and calm.   My nervous system feels nice. The burning in my shoulders left midway through this session and hasn't returned.  I felt Grace's work on a very deep level.   She can really move energy!   I really enjoyed the in-utero work and felt a lot of releases and shifting.  I love this angle of clearing things.  This is the first time I've received healing from Grace, and I'll be back for more! - Lisa C. Anderson, Intuitive Energy Coach

Have More 360 Degree Movement in Head and Neck

So much expansion and light came in during the Spinal Energetics session with Grace. I felt releasing in my neck and shoulders.  Have more 360-degree movement now in head and neck. Shoulder muscles more relaxed.

Felt spirals of divine light coming in re-wiring my divine blueprint wow!   I can breathe more easily too!  

After the session I feel lighter, more free and relaxed movement in my head, neck and shoulders.

Grace is amazing!  I purchased the healing teeth package.  She Instantly healed my tooth pain and it's never come back and it's been several months!

She is so thorough in healing all the layers that are needed to completely heal at the root of the issue.  She works on the physical, energetic, karmic, divine blueprint.  She is so caring, so thorough, gentle and with profound healing results on so many levels. - Mary F., Miami, FL

My Ankles no Longer Hurt, and my Lower Back Pain Went Down 

It was a very deep session. Felt the energy move through my body very deeply, like it went down to the layer where my issues were.

The pain in my ankles went from an 8 to a 1, no longer hurts and in my lower back the pain went from an 8 to a 3.

Grace's work is amazing. Had experience with her work many times, got a lot of improvements each time. - Cee Jon, Caribbean

Tension in Neck Gone

I could feel my chest opening, the tension in the neck was gone after clearing the birth process.
And the energy started moving down my spine, as Grace called the Divine Blueprint Team to work on us.

My head feels clearer, my shoulders feel lighter, I feel more vitality and energy is circulating in my whole body. I am feeling more grounded.

Grace is a very talented energy healer/alchemist! She is intuitively spontaneous in her healing work. She always works both in depth and scope, accessing different planes of reality. I feel more vitality and an expansion of consciousness after her group healings. For me Grace is also one of the few healers, whom I have experienced, who is very authentic, generous and empowering! - Anna F., Potential-Developer

Receiving hundreds of dollars unexpectedly

I would like to share that I bought a package when I first heard Jade on a telesummit. Within the first few days of listening to the mp3s I started to receive hundreds of dollars unexpectedly and on day 20 of the 21 days someone gave me a gift of $2000 dollars, completely out of the blue! When I bought the package I thought I literally can't afford it. I decided to use my last dollars to buy it anyway!  What a blessing it turned out to be! - C.L.

No neck pain, no back pain and clearer vision

I woke up and felt amazing today.  No neck pain, no back pain and my vision seems clearer.  I ate a really healthy lunch and seemed to be generally more efficient and active today.  Can't wait to see what else unfolds! Thank you so much, Jade. Your work is powerful! - Jill K. 

Broken ankle able to bear weight after a few minutes of energy healing

I recently worked with Jade briefly on a tele summit and I asked to work on my broken left ankle. I had broken it two weeks ago but over the years I'd sprained this ankle a lot. Jade worked on my energy and helped me to release some emotional and physical trauma from the ankle, some deep-seated stuff and patterns that went way back to my childhood. I could feel the emotions rising within my body as she worked on me and after the call my heart was literally smiling.

In the past couple of days I've been able to put some weight on the left foot which is amazing. I was so excited by Jade's work I jumped on her 21 day miracles package and I'm super excited to see what this will bring. If Jade can do this in a few minutes work I look forward to seeing what we can do together if we work together longer.  Jade is a gifted, talented and gentle healer and I'm excited to see what unfolds. - N. Kaur

Shifts Blocks to Self-Love and Ancestral Patterns

Jade Yin Hom is truly the most Gifted Healer, her energy and warmth puts you at ease immediately, and her compassion, wisdom and clairvoyance are astounding. From the very first Skype session I had with Jade, I knew I was in the presence of a very special Energy Healer & Gifted Intuitive. Initially I was drawn to Jade’s 21 Days of Money, Magic & Miracles Program, to help transform my financial blocks.  I soon learned that within this program Jade gives so much more than just clearing money blocks.  Jade channels amazing multi-dimensional loving energy & she brings through such beautiful healing, emotional clearings and transformational energy shifts. Jade’s healing work incorporates many generations, to get to the root of the issues.  Within the 21 audios alone, Jade brings through Higher Energies that shift self love blocks, shift ancestral patterns, and connect us to our Higher Self.  My words cannot do justice to how beautiful these audios really are. I cannot speak highly enough of the Live Video Sessions called Zoom hangouts that Jade offers in her programs.  These sessions were life changing for me, as Jade generously shared how to shift subconscious blocks using a profound yet very simple techniques. Every Divine Audio, every Group process and every 1 on 1 Session with Jade is a precious gift you will never forget. Thank you Jade, you truly are a God Sent Gifted Healer.  I appreciate you with all my Heart! - Diana M.

Grace G Hom

Grace G. Hom, Light Body Whisperer and Light Language Activator, has over 20 years of combined experience in health care and alternative healing.  She works with science, spirituality, and intuition to facilitate her clients to transform health, financial and relationship issues. Her gentle presence, profound intuition and powerful activations often awaken the intuitive gifts and light language abilities in others, making her a much sought-after mentor and teacher to lightworkers and way-showers.
Grace is internationally known for her innovative energy work with eyesight, teeth, body pain, meridian imbalances and re-imprinting states of resourcefulness that activates generative energy in the body. She works with one’s Divine Blueprint to facilitate the body to remember its own natural state of health and wholeness. Her clients often laugh and yawn to release lifetimes of traumas during their sessions. They also feel lighter and more joyous.
Grace holds sacred space for others to heal experiences of childhood abuse, chronic illness, and poverty consciousness.  While no stranger to struggle and illness, Grace has healed herself of autoimmune disorders, depression, a lifelong struggle with self-acceptance, powerlessness, and poverty consciousness.  Grace delights in dream tending and vision holding for a New Earth filled with peace, joy, and abundance for all.  She invites all dreamers, vision holders, healers, shamans, Earth Keepers, grid workers to this expansive adventure by joining her weekly podcast: Light Body Wisdom.

Package A - Special Offer - $110

Four live Light Language classes on zoom:
Galactic Light Languages - August 7
Elemental Light Languages - August 14
Angelic Light Languages - August 21
Gaia’s Light Languages - August 28

Package B - Special Offer - $257

ITEM 1 - Everything in Package A
ITEM 2 - 30 Min Personal Session with Grace