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August 2021

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Your Soul Painting is a Divinely inspired work of art created specifically for You. While your Soul is unique in its own development and expression,  your Soul is the embodiment of pure Divine Grace and radiates the true essence of who you are. Through this pure Divine Light, we are all connected. This is the space where I will be creating your Soul Painting from, the Divine light through which we are all connected, creating the individual expression of Your Soul. 
The Soul is our Divine light, our innermost being. It is the presence and consciousness of who we are beyond form. The Soul is the core of our being, it is eternal and filled with infinite possibilities and creativity. It is the spiritual essence of who we really are. 
Your Soul is pure Divine light, it radiates at a frequency of 1000 (map of consciousness). If you are in a low frequency of consciousness and come from a place of fear, anger, manipulation, guilt, shame etc. it prevents your Soul from shining.  Connecting with the vibration of your Soul painting will support you in transforming the lower frequencies and shifting into your Soul’s essence of pure Divine light, happiness, joyfulness, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, inspiration, passion, calmness, authenticity and more…..
Awakening the Radiance of your Soul
Your unique Soul Painting with a matching pendant
Bonus: keychain
Introductory Offer: $147
Awakening the Radiance of Your Soul
Canvas 30 x 30 cm, wooden pendant (4 cm) with your Soul colors 
You choose your favorite colors (2-5)
Estimated shipping time: 2-6 weeks
Shipping Costs: 
Europe: $20.00
United States: $30 dollars
Canada: $40.00 
You also have the option of choosing one of the four symbols listed below for me to create your unique Soul painting.
The Om symbol
The Om symbol calms down your senses, relieves tension, as well as generates awakening and consciousness.
The Mindfulness symbol 
Mindfulness is about what you're doing right now. It is the act of cultivating full awareness of the present and what is going on inside of you at this very moment.
When you practice mindfulness, you realize that the past can't change and that the future is uncertain. You only need to rely on the present. A mindful person has all of
their senses focused on where they are and what they're experiencing right now.
The Flower of Life symbol 
The flower of life is said to have an energizing, harmonizing and protective effect. Since it is itself seen as a symbol of the cosmic order, it should be able to provide a more harmonious flow of energy. Positive energies are amplified and negative energies reduced. This should refer both to the energy field of the human body and to the things that surround us. Accordingly, the power of the flower of life can be used in almost all areas of everyday life. Particularly influential is the flower of life as a decorative element.
The Sri Yantra symbol 
The Sri Yantra is one of the oldest, purest and most powerful symbols. It is said that a Sri Yantra is the
strongest yantra in the universe for attaining material
and spiritual wealth. Due to the very high vibration, the
symbol causes a strong energy field to build up. It stands for creation itself and is intended to connect us with creation in all areas. Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and happiness is said to reside in this yantra itself. It is said that she can fulfill all worldly and spiritual desires.
Ways to Use Your Soul Painting 
Different ways you can use your Soul painting in order to feel supported and move forward in life.
  • By displaying your Soul painting, the Divine energies embedded in it will be released into the environment and raise the vibration and frequency of the room. 
  • Have it in front of you when you meditate and connect with it through your open heart. Connect to the Divine essence within your Soul painting to feel happier, relaxed, at ease and supported
  • Connect with Intention. Intention could be moving to a new place, finding a new job, more money, feeling happier, traveling, swimming with dolphins etc. Decide on your intention and as you meditate, connect with your Soul painting and feel the Divine grace that flows between you and your Soul painting. This will support your intention in awakening, evolving and expanding. 
  • If you feel stressed, angry, sad etc., place your Soul painting in front of you and gaze at it. Connect with the Divine essence within your painting. The more you connect with your Soul painting, the easier it will become to feel the calmness and peace within your Soul.
  • Use it to set your intention for the day. Place your Soul painting at your altar or at a place where you can sit or stand comfortably in front of it. Every morning, before you start your day, connect with your Soul painting and state your intention for the day.
Bonus - Keychain
BONUS: keychain (will be chosen for you)

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I could immediately relate with my Soul Painting from Gisela, and I named it "The Deep Well." The energies from the love and light cascading down is palpable! The beautiful OM Mandala reminds me that there's nothing to fear in digging deep, for what I seek lies dormant, waiting for me! ~ David Kundic-Thomas
Thank you so so much Gisela for my Soul painting! I LOVE it! At first I wasn't sure about the colors I had decided upon for my painting since they weren't the colors I would generally go with but now I know why I chose them! As soon as my painting arrived and I opened the package and I started calling my painting 'she'. I realized that my Soul painting radiates the feminine creative spirit and it was my Soul's way of letting me know that I needed to create a greater balance within myself through integrating the Divine Feminine. All I needed to do was get out of my own way and let my Soul guide me! Thank you so much! ~ Joy Baker
Thank you again SO much for my beautiful artwork! I am so lucky to have 3 pieces of Gisela's beautiful artwork. These are SO much more than just paintings. They each radiate a very special, powerful energy that speaks to the soul. It's like having a little piece of the universe in your home! I have 2 pieces in my therapy room and everybody comments on how mesmerizing they are. The radiance of each piece draws you in! They definitely raise the vibration of every room they are in! Absolutely love them! ~ Debbie Caruso
Gisela’s soul painting touched the very core of me. I immediately recognized that it showed me in the middle, and the disturbance from certain people and situations in my life around me. The message of the painting is that I need to focus on myself to not allow things around me to disturb my inner freedom. Meditating with the painting on a regular basis has definitely helped me to do so. Now if I find myself in a situation where I feel like the energy from outside is bringing me down I remember the painting and how peaceful it feels to stay in my own center. Thank you Gisela for
recognizing what it is I needed to assist me with my growth and to assure that outside disturbance can’t destroy the peace inside of me! 
~ Margit Miller
Thank you with all my heart for my wonderful soul painting. It does me soooo infinitely good, because I feel lightness, joy and clarity when I let it affect me. It is as if everything in me is in order. Very high vibrating art, made with infinite love ~ Jeannine Gasmi

Gisela Gonzalez

Gisela found that after working 35 years at a job, she was feeling tired, stressed and unhappy and knew there had to be more to life than going home tired every day with no energy for herself. She was tired of giving her time and life force energy away and wanted to follow her dreams but had no idea how to even start. Through many years of personal growth, Gisela dived deep into her unconscious conditioning and limiting patterns, releasing everything that was no longer working for her.
It was in the fall of 2017 that Gisela decided to pick up a paintbrush and the rest is history. She had never painted in her life and had no idea that she had any talent as an artist and painter, she was simply looking for a way to express her creative energy. She realized that when she picked up her brush and began to paint, Divine inspiration flowed and she lost track of time, she was in the creative flow and connected to Divine essence. Gisela realized she had found her passion and decided to leave the job and industry she had worked in for 35 years.
She has since discovered that the Divine consciousness that radiates from her Soul paintings has an uplifting effect on those who witness their painting. Many clients have reported feeling more joy, happiness, peace and being filled with gratitude.