Donna-Marie Hallessey 

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April 2021

Donna-Marie's Package - Value $249 -Special Offer - $111

ITEM 1 - 1:1  Personal 30min zoom call

Donna-Marie's Package

Total Value $249

Special Offer $111


Lift & Clear

1:1  Personal 30min zoom call to Lift /Shift.
This Program is designed for anyone who is not living at 100 % capacity with their Divine truth ie: Souls Purpose and all of your ABUNDANCE.
Reclaiming your “SET-POINT”
“The act of Surrender can release you of ALL burdens.-dm.”
The KEY is letting go...
Although this sounds like common sense most people struggle with letting go as our minds keep us trapped in a false belief that our issue needs to be fixed or justified in order to be released .
And this is where we get STUCK.
The GOOD news is that it only takes one breath to let go-
So how do you come back to your SET-POINT (your HEART)-
Through your breath.
If you are holding onto :
  • ECT..
ANYTHING....that you are experiencing that is preventing you from moving forward with EASE can be cleared with a simple BREATHING technique.
As we let go we allow the energy that is blocking us to be released.
Once released we rise up vibrationally.
It is from this place of higher vibration that we now have a different advantage to our peripheral vision as the viewpoint is different and so to is our clarity.
This clarity is the KEY as it allows you to resonate with “YOUR”truth and from that truth you RISE.
As you rise, you realign with your heart ,your truth, your “SET-POINT. “
Back on compass with your soul’s essence at 100 % capacity with all the gifts that are yours to live -express and experience in full ABUNDANCE.


Lift & Shift I had a session with Donna Marie today in preparation for her launch on The Transformation Show, and I was instantly moved from resistance into unexpected joy and bliss and laughter. She with her guides were able to identify the resistance and shift it in a matter of minutes move me from resistance to laughter, bliss and joy. And shift my vibrations in a matter of minutes. Im really grateful for Donna Maries work. Testimonial from Durva Gandhi’s experience with Donna-Marie - Durva
I have had a couple of sessions with Donna-Marie and had the honour of sharing space with her as a speaker on the Mundane to Magical online summit and have been blown away by her connection to her guides and the clarity and accuracy of the guidance and the healing /clearing work being done. Donna-Marie’s energy is so beautifully high vibrational and yet she manages to maintain a gracefully down to earth approach making you feel absolutely supported and able to clear really deep trauma with ease and grace.  As a guest on the Mundane to Magical summit doing cold calling readings for members of the audience the information shared with the individuals was so specific and clear it was amazing and blew the audience away!  Donna-Marie is incredibly generous with her time and her guides have a no nonsense approach and do not sugar coat the guidance regarding your blocks or the root cause of your issues but to be honest we all need that now to enable us to clear and shift that which no longer serves in a rapid yet safe and supported way.  I highly recommend Donna-Marie to work with if you are looking to shift from feeling disempowered and disconnected with your truth to really living an authentic expression of yourself.  And that is saying something, coming from a fellow light-worker, channel and transformational conduit for energy healing!” Many blessings,  Louise Matson Intuitive Channel, Conduit for Energy Healing & Spiritual Wayshower & Guide  - Louise Matson
Donna-Marie goes above and beyond to help you. She cares for your wellbeing and is invested in you. When things are dark, she clears them up. When things are shaky, she offers you a foundation. But only if you are willing to accept your own power. The experience that Donna-Marie has to offer is like no other, and it is of such utmost quality, of such Divine light and yet with so much grounding involved. Even as a clairvoyant, I still find myself reaching an even more evolved state of being and of vibration, just with her presence and her Divine words. She doesn't merely answer questions in her sessions; she gives you an immense experience that is tailored to your unique self. This beautiful being has been given an amazing gift and she is happily sharing it with the world. I am blessed and happy to have been united with her. Go see her, because words are not enough to describe the feelings of bliss she allows you to attain and maintain, and this bliss anchors in you, as opposed to being a fleeting sensation of escape. She has her whole Divine Crew with her, ready and available to work with you and help you reach your utmost potential. Love you Donna-Marie and thanks for existing, my sister. xoxo - Klara B
Donna-Marie gives you a safe and comforting space to create alignment with your spirit guides. My reading was fascinating, reassuring and delivered messages which resonated with me, based on facts that no one else could have known. Donna-Marie's gifts are a balm for those seeking direction and peace - but also a radiant and energetic complement and to a life already in balance. Thank you kindly for sharing with others. - Natalie
I came to Donna-Marie stuck and overwhelmed with opportunities, not sure which were best for me. She helped me gain clarity and confidence to move forward. More importantly, she cared and wanted to make sure I was hearing the right messages I needed to hear to make the magic happen. I am moving forward with renewed confidence. Thanks Donna-Marie, you do have the magic touch! - Annick
Donna-Marie helped me regain control of my life when I was paralyzed by fear and anxiety. Checking in with her for monthly sessions has helped me identify and clear issues that drained my energy. With Donna-Marie's guidance I've also learned how to set intentions in order to allow for my dreams to come true. She knows when to be gentle and when to be direct and to the point. Thanks Donna-Marie, I would not have survived the last 6+ years without you xx - Gen
Donna Marie truly cares about your wellbeing. Her insights and guidance have helped me uncover the power that is ME! I did not know what to expect, but was not disappointed. A little in awe actually. Donna Marie guided me through each and every emotion/blockage, some quite often. But she does this with a supportive nature and a touch of tough love (which I need). Not only have my sessions helped me on an emotional level, I never expected, but physically as well. I've suffered from chronic pain since 2012, my pain levels have lowered significantly since working with Donna Marie. I've tried a number of things over the years with no success. Now I get to continue to work on discovering the true power that's been within me all these years. I definitely recommend Donna Marie to anyone. We all have something we can learn about ourselves and we all deserve self-love. - Anne L.
Working with Donna Marie can change your life. She helps you see things that may have been hindering your well-being. She helps you change patterns that have caused needless stress. She helps you manifest a brighter clearer more "you-centered" future. In other words, she helps you do things that will make life easier and more fulfilling. Furthermore, she helps you do this important work in a very short period of time. She gives you tools that work for life if you chose to use them. Donna-Marie is positive, empathetic, and honest. I highly recommend her services. In fact I have recommended at least 4 people that all had equally amazing revelations and life changing events occur while and after working with her. - Sue
I first met Donna-Marie two and a half years ago during a perplexing career transition. She took a genuine interest in my situation and used discernment, intuition and wisdom to guide me to a deeper understanding of my situation. Under Donna-Marie's guidance, I was able to reclaim my true inner power, by clearing all the negative effects of anxiety, so that I now fulfill my life's purpose with courage and confidence. I continue to use the guiding principles and insights which I have gained from Donna-Marie. Periodic check-ins with her support me on my life journey. Tuned in to my situation, Donna-Marie uses a personalized approach which is highly empowering, enabling me to gain greater clarity to navigate daily challenges and triumphs. - Camille

Donna-Marie Hallessey

Donna-Marie is an Intuitive Light Worker, Medium and Facilitator of Transformational Energy Healing. Her ability to connect with Spirit allows access to Divine Light Consciousness. This includes The Ascendant Masters, Healing Masters, The Angelic realm, The Archangels, Wisdom of the Ancients, High Priestesses, Celtic Goddesses and the planetary support of the Intergalactic and more...
The intention of her work is to serve and support each client for their greatest and highest good by bridging clarity and understanding on any limited belief or blockage (personal or professional) that is preventing them from being in their highest vibration with all that they are destined for.
Using her Mediumship she connects to YOUR team of Spirit guides through breath work that allows her to see, feel and lift energy immediately. She also uses EFT/Tapping with Spirit to clear and transmute energy when a deeper issue is in need of healing. All of her work is guided through Source Divine Light energy. In the last two years Source has been facilitating energy reboots for Light Workers because of the ascension she is aligned with and the capacity in which she can hold for this upgrade .
Spirit’s intention is to release any energy that is lowering you vibrationally and keeping you at arms length from your ideal life.
The biggest takeaway; You absolutely must know and understand your OWN energetic vibration as it is
the key to aligning you to be the vibrational match to your goals and dreams.
The intention of her work is to show you how easy it is to step back into your
alignment and return you to full empowerment, your wisdom and ultimately the best
expression of your soul’s mission and best life intended.

Donna-Marie's Package A - Value $249 -Special Offer - $111

ITEM 1 - 1:1  Personal 30min zoom call