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August 2021

Brooklin's Package - Value $222 - Save 57% - Special Offer - $127

Diamond Transparency Recorded Series
  • Week One - Disengaging from the Victim - Victimizer Matrix Programing
  • Week Two - Clearing & Transmuting Judgment Programs
  • Week Three - Dissolving and Transmuting Fear and Unworthiness Programs
  • Week Four - Disengaging and Transmitting Full Illumination thru Diamond Transparency the “Hide and Don’t Seek Matrix Programming
  • Week Five - Releasing and Transmuting the Web of Guilt & Shame
  • Class Six - Questions + Answers

Brooklin's Package

Diamond Transparency Series

Total Value $222 - Save 57%

Special Offer $127


Diamond Transparency Series Recorded Course
6 / 60 minute recorded transmissions
During this series of six recorded channeled activations you will be guided through a journey to embodying more of your Christos original blueprint and Diamond Sun Architecture.
The Master Christos Collective along with many other Multidimensional Collectives of pure Source Light wish to guide us through a deep cellular journey of Self Realization and Soul Alchemy through the Diamond Christos codex of Transparency.
Assisting us in transmuting the layers of illusion that have led us to believe that there exists any soul fragment throughout all space and time that is unworthy of our complete unconditional love, compassion and embrace.  
When we surrender into our intention to bring in Diamond Transparency into all aspects of our soul’s experience throughout all space and time, we open the gateway to coming home in a profound way.  This is a super highway to embodying “heaven on earth”, our I AM Presence, Divine Sovereignty, and Freedom.  
There is nothing to hide and there never has been!  Every single experience we have had and role we have chosen to play is Divinely purposeful in the eternal evolution and expansion of our soul’s journey!!!
Week One - Disengaging from the Victim - Victimizer Matrix Programing
We begin our journey to greater depths of Self Realization through bringing awareness to 
the Divine truth that we are Individual expressions of Source on an infinite journey of exploration and expansion. As these unique individual expressions of Source, it is our Divine birthright to know ourSelves as such, embracing the Infinite Creator Beings that we are. 
A significant key to unlocking this potential is through the transmutation and disentanglement of the victim-victimizer matrix and its many layers of density.  When we fully own and embrace the conscious awareness that we are the choosers of our choices, and not victims, we are able to ascend to great heights of clarity and transparency.
Week ​Two - Clearing & Transmuting Judgment Programs
One of the most intricately woven fabrics of false light and suffering comes from the judgment frequencies within the separation matrix.  These frequencies are masterful at keeping us separate of ourSelves and from others.  They have led us to believe that there is a finite amount of possibilities of how we and others can explore ourselves, and that there is a “wrong or right” way of doing so.  When in Divine truth this could never be!  As we set our intentions to be free of all judgement program frequencies, we allow for greater space to be created within and outside of ourSelves to bring home fragments that we have hidden away.  Experiencing greater transparency, clarity and freedom!
Week ​Three - Dissolving and Transmuting Fear and Unworthiness Programs
“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”, is a Divine truth that holds significant diamond transparency and clarity!  When we allow ourselves to connect into the present moment and into the zero point of neutrality we are able to understand and see more clearly that fear is similar to a dog chasing its tail.  If we choose to give our energetic currency and sovereignty away to the illusion of fear we manifest more fear.  This is one of the favorite consciousness traps emitted by the separation matrix.  We have lots of these fear frequencies and emotional densities that we have accumulated within our field of fractured soul fragments that are awaiting to be called home and integrated.  Through the gateway of the Divine Christos Codex of Diamond Transparency we are able to reclaim with clarity and transparency the full acceptance of all of these soul fragments while simultaneously transmuting the density.
Week ​Four - Disengaging and Transmitting Full Illumination thru Diamond Transparency the “Hide and Don’t Seek Matrix Programming
One of the grandest and most intelligent aspects of the separation matrix is all of the frequency and distortion programming that has created belief systems that we have something to hide, otherwise referred to by the guides as the “Hide and Don’t Seek” matrix. We can see how this has played out in our lives in a multitude of ways.  This particular aspect of the matrix is riddled in judgment, fear, guilt and shame frequencies galore.  When we begin to bring our awareness and intention into the Diamond Transparency bandwidth of illumination, we begin to see all of the different ways we have become afraid of expressing our true thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Hiding our true Selves through the illusion cast by this wide net of deception.  
As we call in the Christos codex of Diamond Transparency we are able to embody the wisdom and knowing that every fragment of our soul, throughout all space and time, is worthy of acceptance and of infinite unconditional love and compassion. These Divine truths when applied through present moment awareness and the intention of transparency disengage all energetic currency that has been given away to this false matrix.
Week ​Five - Releasing and Transmuting the Web of Guilt & Shame
Quite possibly the most intricately woven of all the webs within the massive gestalt of the separation matrix are the frequencies of guilt and shame.  They are what the guides refer to as a double back inorganic frequency binder, in that they create tie ins to the Self Sacrifice programing, the Self sabotage programming, the Self hatred programing and then double back into the Human Consciousness Enslavement programing.  You have to hand it to the beings that created this web of false frequencies! 
Through the further calling in of the Christos Diamond Transparency Codex we are able to see how we have chosen to place our beliefs and conscious currency into these programs and then through our intention and surrendering presence, how we transmute and disengage from them.  Creating a grand home coming of our soul fragments that were fractured off into these frequency webs.  Bringing home the wisdom, gifts, sovereignty, and freedom that are our Divine birthrights!!
Week ​Six - Questions + Answers
This is an opportunity to bring forth questions for the guides to answer that pertain to the previous 5 classes we have experienced together. Depending on the volume of questions, we may close this final live meeting with.

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After a shoulder injury, I was referred to Brooklin to help me understand the colors of a light therapy device I was using in an effort to heal my shoulder.  This injury was the first time that I had ever chosen “alternative” methods for trying to cure a medical issue verses just going to a doctor. When I made the appointment, I literally thought that I was going to take some notes on the colors and the healing properties and that would be the extent of it. What I didn’t realize was that I was about to embark on the most incredible healing journey of my life.  While Brooklin did teach me the colors of this device, she also taught me so much more through methods of breathwork (had never heard of it), meditation (had never done it), and operating from a place of non-judgement of myself, others, and outcomes (really?). Through her thoughtful guidance, I have had experiences that can only be described as Divine in nature.  I truly believe that our time together is a Sacred experience and guided by the Holy Spirit…and other Ascended Masters (had never heard of them).  Brooklin has guided me back to self-love; to operating from a place of non-judgement; and, to listening to my Higher Self.  This journey has come with some serious highs and some serious lows, but it has been a journey that I am grateful for everyday.  The awareness of the connection I now have with myself, others, and nature is a gift beyond words. Brooklin is a true guiding and healing light in this world and I consider myself to be truly blessed to have experienced her Divinity here on Earth! Kari W.

The first day that I met Brooklin I was in awe! She humbly walks her path with courage, integrity, and grace. Deeply committed to sharing the healing, wisdom, and soul expansive transmissions she has gained through her own journey.  Working with Brooklin has been truly transformative and I am grateful how she shows up to be of service for us all. Amy

I know few people who authentically embody that balance of humanness and divinity in such a way that calls forth and empowers others to believe in the power of their own human potential. Brooklin’s faithful commitment to live out the words of “Faith, Trust, and Surrender” and follow her Divine Guidance in all aspects of her life inspires me to more fully embrace my own spiritual practices and inner knowingness. As mother of three amazing teenage boys, you wouldn’t be wrong in expecting her to possess a delightful and grounded sense of humor that is reflected in her joy of living. Brooklin’s work as channel, intuitive healer, and teacher is just magical. Our healing sessions are never the same, nor am I when we close. Whether she’s bringing in healing Divine Crystal Light energies, assisting in the release of old patterns of belief, identifying and removing an implant, or offering emotional counsel and guidance, I know that all I’ve received has been perfectly orchestrated in providing my soul with exactly what was most needed and desired. She is a gift to me beyond words, in friendship, as healer, and companion on this journey. Kaylaa Kayce 

Having sessions with Brooklin is like gathering with a sweet childhood pal at the favorite childhood spot, all the while experiencing profound healing transformations. The transmissions and healing miracles she has facilitated for me are always loving, nurturing, gentle and also effectively empowering.  Brooklin has helped me heal from traumas, remember my gifts and own my sovereignty with more confidence and ease. Her intuitively channeled messages and transmissions were what I needed at that time – and she delivered with such love and integrity. I often found myself in grateful and joyful tears during the sessions. With each session, I advance on my path with expanded love, freedom and clarity.  I am always amazed by how she shares her beautiful gifts in the most genuine, compassionate, humorous and light hearted joyful ways! I My words cannot adequately express my admiration and appreciation for Brooklin, an amazingly beautiful Light Goddess Leader! Arden Springford

Connecting with Brooklin has been an amazing blessing in my life. During sessions, Brooklin has facilitated clearing, calling back of soul fragments, and integration of gifts and abilities. Not only does she heal in the the most beautiful and loving way, but she has provided me with countless tools to align with my Higher Self and I AM presence. Through sessions with Brooklin I have been able to expand my awareness, in all areas of life. I am so grateful for everything and couldn’t imagine life without her. Juhl Macintyre

Being an energy alchemist myself, I feel I have a pretty good gage of not only a persons true intentions, but also a very keen ability to experience their energy and know how they are working that energy.

I have to say, of all the individuals that I have met who I would consider masters in understanding and working with energy, Brooklin is right there at the top. She has a masterful ability to maneuver through many different layers of information and energy within your physical body and everything in relationship to that. She is multi talented in her ability to transcend discordant energy into wonderful places of balance and light. Brooklin is also just a really nice person! 

I highly recommend her as I know you will connect with her just as much as every other person that I’ve ever known to meet her. I’m very happy to consider her a very good friend and colleague of mine. Cathleena Hailley

Brooklin Rayne's energy work allows one to stop and connect with the indigo energy of divine love.  A safe place to come back to the remembrance of who you are in pure light.  As an earthing we tend to gravitate to illusions and to have Brooklin's crystalline water energy bring you back to the vibration of purity is heaven on earth. The water medicine every earthling needs to drink up, the food of life! Thank you angel Brooklin for sharing your gifts with me and all of us! Sage Lightfeather

Where to begin? Brooklin is such a gifted, versatile and kindred Lightworker – so gold-hearted and uplifting in her approach. I have been booking sessions with Brooklin regularly for about a year now – and always walk away with more than I ever anticipate.
I have been struggling with various physical and spiritual concerns and was seeking guidance and insights to help nudge me into the right direction in my physical experience.  No matter what questions or intentions I brought into sessions, I always walked away empowered and feeling joyfully inspired. There is so much information “encapsuled” in her sessions, that I always have to relisten to the session recordings she provides – and, like a gift that doesn’t stop giving - I would continue receiving valuable insights. I will most definitely recommend Brooklin to anyone - she is simply amazing!
 Regula Dhedhi

The second you’re around Brooklin, you immediately feel more at peace. I met her over a year ago and she’s been my light and reason during some difficult times. I have so much to thank her for when it comes to my growth and healing...She’s shown me how to release all that no longer serves me and I’m a happier human because of it. My soul sister for life! Cate L.

The more digital our lives become, the more we need people like Brooklin in our lives. She is a true healer; a balm for our souls. There is no line between who she is at her core, how she lives her life and what she brings to her sessions. The moment I am in Brooklin's care, my shoulders come down. She invites a long deep exhale that is rooted in complete trust. Brooklin doesn't preach, she embodies. She doesn't perform, she envelops anyone she is around with her light. I take a deep dive into my mind,body, and spirit during my sessions with her and she gives me what we all need more of -feeling what lives inside of my heart. The clearing of old heavy layers inspires deep lasting change. Brooklin is the real deal;she is the medicine most of us need if we can open up to receive her sincere gifts. Charlotte H.

I have had multiple sessions with Brooklin. Every time I’m met with deep compassion, kindness, balance and wisdom. Throughout my spiritual evolution Brooklin assisted me in removing implants, which caused me massive headaches. Helped me uncover some programming I’d been blind to. Connected me to guides and beings assisting me at the time. And has taught me some energetic tools and practices that help me daily. She is highly attuned to the multiverse and has much knowledge to share along the way as well as bringing through some very timely messages. I find my time with her to be so calm and balanced and I always have very significant shifts there after. Sarah

Brooklin’s gifts are truly remarkable! The energy and frequencies she brings through are tangible, palpable, and incredibly shifting, lingering long after the session is complete. Her open access to multiple dimensions and beings allows her to bring in the exact energies needed for whomever she’s working with thus attuning them to a higher vibration and aligning them to new and more supportive timelines where healing can occur. I highly recommend that anyone on a spiritual path or anyone wanting to live happier, healthier life work with Brooklin. She is a modern mystic! Julie D.

Brooklin Rayne

Brooklin Rayne is an intuitive channel and a member of the Christos ascended master collective. She has experienced many incarnations with the Sophia Christ collective, Lyran Sirian Whites, Oraphim, Ancient Pleiadians, and Hathors. Through her diamond sun crystal structure, she assists humans to return their original divine blueprint combined with their Christos template, allowing a fuller embodiment of the I AM presence and Unity consciousness.
As an original seeder of both humanity and of Gaia’s many elemental resources, Brooklin works to assist in repairing and rebuilding the portals, frequencies, grids, and meridians of both the micro of humanity and the macro of Gaia. As an enlightened teacher of Christ consciousness in many lifetimes both on Earth and throughout the multiverses, Brooklin channels the wisdom and living light transmissions from many multi galactic Christ collectives. These transmissions and wisdom come through as spoken words, light language, and light frequencies.
Brooklin received a B.S in hotel and restaurant management from The Pennsylvania State University and an Associate’s degree in culinary arts from The Culinary Institute of America. She spent over 15 years as a Chef Creator and concept owner before moving into her training at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach. Today she incorporates her understanding of food, meditation, quantum energy and spirituality to assist Individuals in their healing processes of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Brooklin's Package - Value $222 - Save 57% - Special Offer - $127

Diamond Transparency Recorded Series
  • Week One - Disengaging from the Victim - Victimizer Matrix Programing
  • Week Two - Clearing & Transmuting Judgment Programs
  • Week Three - Dissolving and Transmuting Fear and Unworthiness Programs
  • Week Four - Disengaging and Transmitting Full Illumination thru Diamond Transparency the “Hide and Don’t Seek Matrix Programming
  • Week Five - Releasing and Transmuting the Web of Guilt & Shame
  • Class Six - Questions + Answers