Ask & Receive Teleclass

4 Week Live Online Teleclass

Are you ready to bring your bucket list forward?

What have you been unwilling to ask for that could be the biggest gift for you?

This is a powerful time to ask for what you truly desire, to choose a prosperous and radiant life. This is the time, the time is NOW, to realize what a powerful and potent creator you truly are.  If you would like to manifest YOUR radiant, prosperous life this year, you can make it happen! Let's start!
Join me for 4 weeks as I facilitate higher dimension healing to help you clear what is in the way of you receiving your biggest desires.   We will get clear on what you are asking and multiply your willingness to receive. You will receive new practical and energetic processes on each call that you can begin to implement right away. It's time to get what you are really asking for, with ease and grace, this 4 week teleclass can help you do just that!
During this truly unique experience I will reveal how higher dimension healing energies can support you in receiving what you you are asking for.
This program will guide you to do that and much more. See what is included in this program:
4 90min live online group q&a calls
4 recordings of the live online group q&a calls
4 Looped clearings from each call - audio
4 Written clearings from each call - PDF
Bonus - 4 weeks of remote energetic energetic healing transmissions to support you during the program.

Package Price: only  $77

Final Sale - No Refunds 

If you worked with me one-on-one for 4 90min sessions, this would be an investment of over $560

Live online q&a calls will begin on Monday July 24th, calls will be held live at 1pmET, replays will be available if you cannot attend live, and you will be able to download the recordings as well.

You are a radiant being of light and love.

The first step to receiving is asking. What are you not asking for?
To really experience the fullness of your being, the totality of who you really are and create your new reality, you must ask for what you desire, and let go all those things that are holding you back from experiencing your authentic and true self, your radiant self.

Are you ready to ask big? Are you ready to receive big?