Maya Boston

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September 2020

Package - Value $215 - Special Offer - $111

ITEM 1 - 1hr 1:1 Personal Session with Maya
ITEM 2 - 15min Personal Gong Sound Bath mp3

Special Offer Package

Special Offer $111


1Hr 1:1 Personal Session with Maya
If you’ve been stuck, anxious or uncertain about your path, your purpose or your
destiny, you are not alone.
Now more than ever we are living in uncertain times with rapidly changing energies.
Most people just suffer needlessly and remain in the status quo.
Starting today, YOU can make a positive shift!
If you want to create conscious change in your life so you can align with who you truly are and begin to live the life you always wanted to live, then scroll down to the bottom of this page and book a session.I use a combination of Light Language and Gong Sound Bath (Light & Sound, the two creative energies of the Universe), along with my unique intuitive coaching style to build a bridge into Oneness, where you are aligned, body, mind and soul with your purpose.So few people in the world are experiencing this type of alignment, and it can be truly life changing. Let’s work together so you can arrive at this wonderful place in your life!
15Min Personal Gong Sound Bath mp3
The testimonials I have received are just a small sample of the inspiring success stories I’ve received over the years as a result of the Personal Gong Sound Bath tracks. So many people have told me that they experienced an awakening and transformation in their lives, which has enabled them to live a passionate and purposeful life. And now you can have your very own Personal Gong Sound Bath track! I will create your own personal and unique, 15-minute Gong Sound Bath track to assist with your accelerated awakening.
In your personal session I will find out what you would like me to focus on during the creation of your track. As I begin your unique track, I tune into your Higher Self and listen to the song of your soul. Then utilizing the two creative frequencies of the Universe, Light and Sound, I weave together a multidimensional soundscape that not only raises your vibration and keeps you in the flow of the fast moving energies of this new age, it also activates the original Divine HU-man Template within your DNA. So that you have your soul song sung back to you, to remind you of your Divinity.
These personal tracks are verbal transmissions of Light Codes and frequencies that can enable you to awaken to your Divine Light within and remember your multi-dimensional nature.
Created especially for you, to assist you through any challenges you may be facing, whether it’s health, financial or relationships.
Each track is as unique as you are!


Thank you so much. I'm listening to another webinar (mentions by name) about what to expect when we're crossing the "bridge" to become our authentic multidimensional selves. I seem to have short cut a lot of stuff - thanks to you - and the other stuff I am already working on. Yay!! - Simone

So grateful for your constant guidance and reassurance in times of uncertainty, it's really nice to have a regular spiritual connection with others ... sometimes it can feel like we are on this path alone. – Jen

I first discovered Maya through a radio interview, and was drawn to further connect with her. Reaching out, I found Maya immediately warm and responsive, which was the case in all our subsequent Zoom calls as well.  The same depth, warmth, clarity and responsiveness to my concerns was consistent throughout our visits.
In addition to our coaching calls, I have three guided meditations and a studio album Maya created.  I found each of them so beautiful, meaningful and resonant that I return to them again and again.  Having made professional recordings myself, I could tell Maya had put a great deal of care and attention into her work.
Also her Facebook group provides a sweet and resonant global community I’ve found to be a rich resource as well.  

As heartening, clarifying and supportive I’ve found all this to be, perhaps most meaningful is the personal gong track that Maya channelled for me.  It is unlike anything I have every heard, and utterly transportive.  I use it daily, and find myself drawn into a resonant frequency that feels like coming home to my true Self.  Best of all, I’m sensing a shift that brings hope this frequency is becoming more my ‘home base’ as I walk through my days. In gratitude, - Marilyn

I rarely tag a whole bunch of people, but I'm so grateful for Maya's help I simply had to share! For those of you that are struggling, things will get better! LET GO and create your own reality! Maya Boston, thank you for your continued love, support and spiritual guidance in finding my way over the years! I cherish your friendship and wisdom! ...As the veil is lifted more each day I often think of all our past conversations about the future... Your knowing smile and your sparkly excited eyes... I realize just how far I've come!... Out of the darkness and into the light!... I can't wait for things to unfold! Hope to see you soon! xx - on Facebook from Jennifer Ward

I don't even know what words to use to thank you for the beautiful meditation experience last night.  I felt so uplifted and full of light, and I still do feel this deep joy to have connected to the Star Mother and the beautiful Lemurian women in that way.  I can't wait to listen again!  I feel it is like an initiation, and already gives me more strength and confidence to move forward in my light work this year.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for entering my life, for sharing your unique gifts, and for just being the beautiful bright soul that you are!!" - Joan, California

I have seen Maya a hand full of times in the past few months for Gong Meditation, Teachings and to Connect with her on a spiritual level to start untangling issues from my past and present.

About me, I have been suffering from medically diagnosed depression and anxiety for many years to extremes I wish upon no one to endure. Self help being the only medication I have used. I decided a bit over a year ago that something had to change. My spiritual journey had then begun and I began using food as my medicine.

I met Maya a few months ago when she gonged at a meditation session locally. Right away I was drawn in and very interested in Teachings she held though unable to attend. I had the pleasure of bringing in the New Year with Maya at a Meditation/Manifestation session Maya held in Bedfordale, it was truly life changing and the best New Years Eve I have ever had. Starting the New Year fresh with a clear mind and only a few weeks in, things are taking leaps and bounds.

I recently spent a few hours with Maya one on one, for me it was the conversation I have spent the last year searching for. Maya had the understanding advice I needed to ease my worries. Maya fluently connected with guides and relayed information. Maya has given me some easy food tips I can use to help bring my system functions back to life. Maya’s energy is just so wonderful to be around. It was also just great to have an in depth conversation with someone on the same level about the universe and subtopics with in it.

I am genuinely grateful for every moment shared with Maya. I become more aware of myself, and gained joyous experiences from Maya’s presence. I look forward to meeting with her again soon, whether for Gonging, Teaching or a One On One session. - Brodie Trebley

Hi Maya, Just sending on a note to say Thanks again for the beautiful and wise 1:1 session. I love how you honed in on the crux of my issues and gave me tools for working through them. This just encourages me to keep moving forward, working on self-love, worthiness etc so I find my way into the new with less resistance and more grace. :-) I look forward to keep working with the mp3 meditations too. Take care and Love, - Kavita, India

I recently had a personal session via email with Maya. After trying countless physical treatments I decided to try this to help with my health problems. I found that Maya was able to show me what I was missing and what I needed to do to cure my health problems. Since the session I have made more progress in the last few days than I have in months. Maya taught me that there is much more to health than just the physical, and I needed to also consider the spiritual and emotional, which is what I ignored. One advantage of doing the personal session by email is that I am able to go back and re-read the information any time I need to. - Nicole

I floated out of Maya's house yesterday after a healing and meditation with her. What a wonderful experience. But the thing I am most grateful for is how Maya empowers me to be able to do the same for myself. I am still floating today. I learned some very valuable tools to take with me. Thank you Maya, from the bottom of my heart. You have made a difference." - Petina Beckman, Mandurah

Maya, I just wanted to let you know that your meditations... are having a profound effect on my physical, mental and emotional well being. With all my heart and soul, thank you so very much. - S. Tilley

A Big Thank you Maya for your Healing and this unique warmth energy from you...You are so precious and unique person. Love xoxoxo - D. Garre, Perth

Thank you so much for the fantastic session. It has helped me by reinforcing my boundaries. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this and reclaim my life. It's still baby steps but it's already made a huge difference. - Simone, Bridgetown

Maya Boston

Based near Perth Western Australia, Maya is an international Light Language Chanel and Activator, Gong Practitioner, Speaker and Teacher in practice for over 13 years.

Facilitating workshops around the world, her work is focused on opening the heart and mind of humanity through sound, by using frequencies to change each listener's brainwave state, which touches the deepest parts of each individual's being; and assists with overcoming long held blocks, simultaneously creating a space into which the listener can expand into.

During her Gong Sound Bath sessions, Maya channels Light Language and translates it into sound, harmonizing her gongs to create a multi-dimensional soundscape. These sounds, together with the Light Codes, help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember the multi-dimensional nature of our being.

Soulful and exquisitely beautiful, the harmonic sounds of the gongs and Maya's voice weave a gentle yet powerful energy around and through you, releasing, balancing and illuminating the deepest part of your being. 

We are multi-dimensional beings living in separation. Maya's harmonics help to bridge unity consciousness by merging the chakras into one chakra - the Heart chakra, and bridging the various brainwave states (alpha, beta, theta) into the higher vibrations of Gamma brainwaves, to bring you into your multi-dimensional self; grounded in your heart-centered consciousness. As we journey together, we merge our inner and outer worlds to create the world we all wish to live in for the wellbeing of everyone.

Trusting her intuition, Maya has followed her heart to Master Teachers and Healers, as well as sacred sites around the world, where she received activations for the many gifts she has incorporated into her work. These experiences, through the process of self-love, awakened an inner knowing to reveal lifetimes of soul memory and a passion for her life's purpose as an Alchemist of Light and Sound.  

Package - Value $215 - Special Offer - $111

ITEM 1 - 1hr 1:1 Personal Session with Maya
ITEM 2 - 15min Personal Gong Sound Bath mp3