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Be Inspired and Empowered with Higher Dimension Healing Energies!

Are you ready to move forward in your path, in your life? Would you like to make new choices that are in alignment with your soul and with your heart’s desires? I invite you to join me in the next 21-Day Higher Dimension Healing Intensive. Watch this short video and experience an infusion of energies to inspire and uplift you to make different choices, more aligned choices for your life.

Higher Dimension Healing Energy affects all of your bodies, your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In this program, you will receive 21 days of live calls, where I along with my Multi-Dimensional Team will be sharing energy processes and transmission of energies and frequencies to assist you in all areas of your life. This will allow you to receive what you require to move forward in your life, in your path, in your mission to manifest your radiant, prosperous life.

Take a deep breath and be present in your body. What would it feel like in your body to receive 21 days of higher dimension healing energies? When you read this question, does your body expand? does it feel lighter? does it feel excited? do you get a big YES ? Don’t think, just feel, and let your body respond and be open to receiving the signs and signals from your body and your soul.

Here are what some of the participants are saying about the Higher Dimension Healing Intensives:

“Sending much Love and Gratitude for the 21 day HDHI. It seemed to go so fast! Loved it so much I am going to go through it again with the downloads! I sincerely appreciate all the love and care you put into each day.”

“I have definitely opened up to being more aware! Being able to see the synchronicities more and more, seeing how much I am really grateful for and definitely feeling way more joy! Thank you Alara. This has been wonderful process, so helpful and so powerful! Such a blessing.”

“The series was an incredible gift!”

“I am feeling so amazing! I have hope again AND TRUST! Trust in my intuition, trust in the process, trust in the Universe. Feels so wonderful!”

“I wanted to send you a message to let you know how much I am enjoying these calls. I loved the processes and the energies that you sent to us. I feel like I am in a different “zone” ( a happy, peaceful, hopeful place! ) after the calls!”

Are you willing to let go of what no longer serves you? Are you willing to release the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that have been limiting you and blocking you from living from your true power? Are you willing to now live a life that is filled with more love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance, and vibrant health?

Join me in the next 21-Day Higher Dimension Healing Intensive and get ready to heal and clear old energies and receive empowering energies to transform your life. Find out more and register here:

You are your own healer!

As I have recently brought back my healing services, it has come to my attention and awareness that I am my own healer, and you are your own healer. Yes, I certainly hold space, bring in energies and frequencies, and run certain clearings and activations to support you in your healing. But who is doing the actual healing? Is it me? Is it Creator/Source/Spirit/God? Is it you? In my honest opinion, it is you. You are doing the heavy lifting. You are the one agreeing to heal yourself of past limitations, beliefs, scars, and wounds. You are the one who is being present in your life. You are the one who is choosing to forgive, choosing to receive, choosing to be grateful, and choosing to let go.

I am a channel, a conduit for energies and frequencies. I also am talented and gifted in various healing modalities. I am also compassionate and have a great deal of integrity. I see you for who you are truly in your heart. I am completely non-judgemental. I have walked the path, I am on my own healing journey. I can walk with you in your healing journey.

Are you ready to be your own healer? Are you ready to heal your past so that you can move courageously into your future. Are you willing to be vulnerable and open with yourself? Are you willing to see who you truly are? Are you willing to love yourself? Yes, this is all about you! Healing is all about you, nobody and nothing else.

How may I serve you today? How can I be a contribution to you and your healing? How can I support you to be your own healer? See all of my healing specials on offer right now, for a limited time: .